Flipping Your World Upside Down: Flip Dog to Wheel (and Back)

Today, I’m homeward bound, to Cape Cod where I grew up; however, my trip will be brief. I’m visiting my friends at Power Yoga of Cape Cod to teach a backbending workshop, then hi-tailing it back to Boston before the forecasted snow starts to fall.

Speaking of going somewhere and coming back again (and backbends), here’s a fun Vinyasa movement to try for yogis who are already very comfortable and skilled with wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana). It’s flip dog, into wheel, and back again. Please be sure you are appropriately warm, have no shoulder injuries, and work slowly.

Like driving back from the Cape with what may be a light snow starting… I’ll proceed with caution.

Good luck!

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  • Amy

    Thank you! I’ve been flipping my dog to wheel, but didn’t know how to get back again. I am so glad I “found” you! (via Runner’s World link yesterday…) –Namaste–

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