For Your Tired Tootsies, From Om Gal with Love

Whether you went for a monster run this weekend (perhaps you ran the Hyannis Half Marathon or went on a big training run for Boston), attended an Oscar party in your most fabulous heels, or already caught yourself thinking: dammit, this is a long week… what day is it… Tuesday? WHY, GOD, WHYYYYY, DO YOU SMITE ME [looking skyward, shaking fist]? (OK, that’s a little dramatic. I overacted. No Oscar for me).

The bottom line is that running, fashion, and life take a toll on our poor feet, and they need some attention, too. This pose is especially important for distance runners who need to ward off plantar fasciitis.

Your feet are the carriers of your life–your body, your movement through the world, your sports. They are, also, most often the foundation of your yoga poses, and their ability to be active, relaxed, and steady against the mat will improve your alignment, balance, and experience.

Toes pose is one of the most potent ways to tend to your tootsies; however, this is no blase foot rub while you get a pedicure. This pose can be intense, but it does the trick to deeply stretch both the bottoms and tops of your feet (including shins). Over time, you’ll be able to hold it longer, and it (eventually) feels heavenly.

Try it, and tell me what you think!

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  • Tigger

    Well, it COULD be a great pose, but we’ll never know from THIS video – because while it shows your lovely toned body, it doesn’t show your toes.
    Needs re-doing, I’m afraid. Otherwise it could be damaging to those who try it without the pretty pictures.