Friday, I’m in Love: Yoga, Yogurt, Apple

My Apple computer and I have a bond that runs deep. We’ve been together for nearly fours years, which makes him a dinosaur in Apple years (yes, it’s a “he,” and he has a name). Nevertheless, I see no reason for an upgrade. This computer changed my life, and I don’t mean that lightly, but that’s a topic for another day. For today, per our new, little Friday tradition, I’m in love with three things, the first of which is indeed Apple related. Last night, I attended my weekly One-to-One session at the store on Boylston Street. In short, I paid a reasonable fee and now have access to an Apple expert one hour, per week, for a year, to learn anything my little heart desires. Tonight, I flirted with iWeb, and so far, I like what I see. Plans for a second date are imminent.

As you know, I’m a new fan of Pinkberry frozen yogurt following my most recent trip to NYC. As a result, I’ve been out of luck back in Boston, as the healthy chain has yet to open a franchise location here. There’s a smattering of purveyors selling similar yogurt treats, such as Berry Lime and BoYo, but none near me, so I was elated to discover a new flavor of Haagen Dazs at the grocer last weekend, Tart Natural Low Fat Frozen Yogurt. While the texture doesn’t quite match the divine standards of Pinkberry, the taste is pretty perfect. Rumor has it I’ll be having a summer fling with this flavor.
Finally, my post-marathon hips want to send a love letter to a great variation on half-pigeon. Lately, I have been doing lots of this pose with the help of my foam roller. Essentially, I sit on the foam roller and use it to leverage my shin away from my body. By adding the use of the roller to this familiar pose, the asana becomes almost medicinal in nature. I’ve been using to help rehab a sore right hip following the Boston Marathon last month.
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  • Lisa

    I’m not sure where you’re located but there is a new yogurt place that opened this week called boYo near the Whole Foods at Charles/MGH. Might be worth a try! Also, ditto to loving pigeon! I’m in full as I’m typing this :) Have a great Friday!

  • Jenn

    Lisa, that place looks great. is the website. I’m definitely getting the ten punch card!

    And speaking of ten punch cards… I went to Back Bay Yoga’s new location last night (bought a 10 class card), and took the 5:50pm with Aaron. It was great! The new space is very nice. It reminds me a little of Jivamukti in NYC; I was in the street facing room, and there was lots of street noise (Parish is directly across Boylston, the outdoor seating was packed), but amidst the busyness, the studio still felt like an oasis.

    The class was very different from other Vinyasa classes I’ve taken, VERY flowy and movement oriented – way way beyond the traditional sun salutations. I have tight runner hips too (I think Aaron is a former triathlete?) and his style was good for gently opening hips, as well as building strength for handstands.

    I recommend his class if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone a bit.

  • Sarah

    have you tried berryline? the fresh fruit topping on a plain flavored real fro-yo is delish… there are a few locations in cambridge – not sure if that’s too much of a hike for you!

  • dfg

    so what’s your machine’s name? I’m a techno pagan myself, every significant gadget in my life has a nom de vie, helps me navigate the various idiosyncrasies they present me with.

    Anyway I just wanted to second the love for half pigeon. I hated this pose when I started yoga, having spent many years training in a sport that demanded you keep your hips locked so you could swivel on a dime.
    Now it’s one of my favorites and I can feel my body sighing in pleasure as I ease into it, pretty amazing.

    Well I’m off to summer, enjoy yours! Should be a good one.

  • Jenn

    another link on yogurt – this one (chill) is in brookline and is said to be “Pinkberry-style.”

  • Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)

    My bicycling hips also heart half pigeon.