Hidden Beach Yoga Benefit

You’re probably aware of yoga’s myriad benefits, including stress reduction, increased
flexibility, and improved strength, among others. However, there are many more unexpected, fringe
benefits as well, such as one that may come in handy at the beach this summer.

Are you better able to bend over and tie your shoes now that you practice
yoga?  Possess a new found focus that makes you a champion Jenga player?
Sleep more soundly at night?
What are the unexpected ways in which yoga makes your life easier, happier, more fun, or, even, less sunburned?

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  • Anonymous

    I find that since starting yoga about 2 yrs ago, I have a new found respect for most things-my body and its strength, other people, animals (yes even the icky spiders) etc. Might sound like I drank the kool-aid but honestly, I find myself SO much more patient with everything in life whether it be the obnoxious person in line at the store or the crazy people on the highway. I treat myself and others with more respect from what I feed myself to how I react in situations. I don't have the answers as to why, but yoga has mellowed me out in many ways and continues to be my escape from a stressful world. I love seeing how my body changes and how I can challenge it, and know its a journey that has no end. I think overall yoga makes you realize the wonderful aspects of yourself and others and pushes you to recognize those off the mat. I mean, what other activity in your day ends with "Namaste" (the light in me acknowledges the light in you)?!

  • juan antonio fernandez

    muy impresivo! so there are more hidden beach yoga benefits coming soon, si?

  • Jen

    I find that when I'm doing yoga consistently I tend to eat less crap and when I fall out of my yoga routine I tend to go back to eating not so healthy things, ordering out, etc. So yoga helps keep me in line with a healthy diet.

  • Caitlin "Dish Gal" D.

    hahah so cute!!

    but not what i should be watching as i'm at the office still, daydreaming about the beach….

  • Frenzy36

    Now putting the sunscreen on the soles of your feet and applying it via scorpion, now that is the video I'm waiting for

  • Om Gal

    Hmmm. Sad to say, Frenzy, you might have to wait until next summer for that one. It's probably going to take some practice;-)

    Thank you, gals, Anon., & Juan for the fun and insightful comments. You rock.

  • Dave Trager

    lol- too funny. I love your 'application' of your yoga practices! :)