My Latest Video for Runner’s World


Behind the scenes while shooting my latest video for Runner’s World.

Being self-employed can be a solitary type of existence.  Ditto being a writer, which is well-documented and why so many of the great ones are driven to drink.  (Kidding… sort of).

I’m not much of a drinker.  I can handle my kombucha or a couple glasses of wine, but give me more than that and, well, it’s my version of New Year’s Eve.  Naturally, I’m OK with a low tolerance, since less alcohol means more money in my wallet, calories to dedicate to chocolate, and hopefully brain cells.

What was I saying again?  Oh, right… solitary existence.  See, it’s in my best interest to preserve brain cells.

For me, the better elixir of sanity is collaboration, and I am lucky to partner with some amazing people and organizations who lift me up and make the solopreneur existence less lonesome.  One of my latest sources of inspiration is my relationship with Runner’s World, as the creator of its new online Yoga Center.  Yesterday, RW released our second video of a series shot in September.  The free 30-minute sequence focuses on a runner’s most overused muscles groups: hips, hamstrings, and glutes, along with a grounding meditation that’s ideal for soothing pre-race jitters or simply relaxing after a long day.  It’s also a great option for yogis short on time and wanting to practice at home.  Try it; I’d love to know what you think!

Thank you, Runner’s World, for giving me the best kind of buzz, the healthy, clearheaded high that comes from creating something new with people you enjoy and admire.

Sending love and light feet to all of you.  Cheers!

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  • Wendy Pray D’Angelo

    Love this! My hamstrings were singing when I was running hills after your Thursday class and I wondered if I’d overdone it. I’ll definitely integrate this though. Thanks so much!

    • rebecca pacheco

      Way to get in those hills! Enjoy the sequence. 30-minutes is just right post-run. Happy hamstrings to you!

  • Home Field Fitness

    I loved this sequence…and the first one you did for RW too! I’m always wishing and hoping that yoga instructors will spend more time on hamstrings and glutes and here there was no disappointment! All of my favorite parts of yoga class are in this 30 minute sequence. You’re awesome :)

    • rebecca pacheco

      ALL of your fav parts?! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for giving it a try. More to come. Next one is a killer core sequence.

  • Kathy B.

    I loved this Power Yoga, it was so calming. I did this last night and had a great morning run! It helped with the tightness in my back and hips. Can’t wait for your next video!

  • Kate

    I loved your first video! I can’t wait to try the second. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Sara Spitzer

    This is great. I’m not really a big runner, but I loved it anyway. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Ashlee Smith

    I actually really loved this video – it definitely targets all the sore runner spots. Most times I felt too inflexible to do half the poses correctly, but hopefully I’ll be able to improve by continuing to do it. Is there some way I can download these videos to watch when I’m away from home (like on my phone or something)?



  • Housetroll

    This video has been such a blessing for me! It has helped me more than I would have imagined. A couple of weeks ago I went for about a 3 mile run and ended up struggling through it. My left hip began hurting and I basically ended up walking home, which really stinks. My hip bothered me for two weeks and kept me from running. It basically just felt like there was a “catch” in my hip every time I would lift it (even while sitting). Well, long story short, I followed the steps in this video (the best I could since I am not very flexible right now) and shortly afterwards my hip was 90% better! I went for a run that evening and ran the next two days. I look forward to your other videos! Thank you so much!!!

  • RichG

    I did the first video today before a 4 mile run and it was a great stretch. My hips and hamstrings are very tight. It normally takes me about a mile to warm up. Today I felt great right from the start. I am looking forward to the second video. Maybe tomorrow I will do the first pre-run again and the second post-run.

  • professional workout

    Great video and explanations. I would love to link this post and video on my blog “”. Would that be ok for you? Thanks for your reply and thanks anyway for a great video.