New Yoga Video with Runner’s World: A Fiery & Fun Core Sequence

Happy New Year, all! However you chose to bid farewell to 2013– with a bubbly fete of friends, quiet night at home or away, or enjoying some extra shut-eye– I hope you’re fired up to start 2014.

Here’s my latest yoga video for Runner’s World, which is all about fire, fun, and waking up the center of your body– your center of heat, metabolism, and strength. Your belly.  Your abdominal muscles.  Your second and third chakras.  Your core.

On its own, in addition to more yoga, or combined with a run, this video is an ideal way to power up your favorite forms of fitness.  For runners, in particular, for whom I designed the sequence, a strong core is crucial for energy efficient running, proper form, good posture, added power, and greater back stability.

There’s plenty more to come this year on how to look and feel your strongest and best.  Please stay tuned and always feel free to post questions and requests in the comments.  I’d love to know what you think about this video and my others in the Runner’s World Yoga Center, on my YouTube Channel, and in the OG Library.

Enjoy!  And from the core of my being, THANK YOU, for reading and sharing OG, which began as a New Year’s resolution (one that stuck!) in 2008.

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  • Heather

    I was so excited when the video posted! I love your Yoga videos made for runner’s… you take into account the tightness we have and the areas we need to focus on! Keep it up girl, I look forward to seeing more videos!

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  • Georgia Henderson

    Is it possible to purchase these videos on DVD?

  • Complete Health News

    Great post!Recently i have lot of confusion in yoga.It helps me a lot.Can you suggest any other videos for yoga.

  • Rebecca Thomas

    I really enjoy your sequences and would love to see more.

  • Vitamin Berry

    Useful necessary yoga video. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Health Mall

    As i have seen most of the runner’s don’t care of yoga. As per me yoga makes our body makes feel free and even mind also peaceful very useful video and thanks for sharing.

  • apoorvayoga

    i love yoga, it’s a daily part of my life.
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  • Delilah@GarageGymPlanner

    Hey cool video I’m beginner in yoga every time I’m in search of yoga video in you tube and also I’m a gym girl doing workouts in gym.Thanks for sharing.

  • arpit agarwal

    yes running is good for health and it create flexibility.thanks to share us

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