= Best Yoga & Fitness Blog (Officially)

It’s official. is the Best Yoga & Fitness Blog, per the 2010 Intent Web Awards and, more importantly, has the most kick-asana, awesome, engaged, supportive, and super fabulous readers on the planet (per me). I wanted to shout my excitement and gratitude from the rooftops yesterday upon learning of the award but settled for a short asana practice on my roof after teaching at Saluting the Spirit instead.

Thank you so much for your votes, readership, questions, comments, insights, and inspiration. I humbly bow to you and promise to keep creating high quality yoga-inspired content.

Tonight, I’m doing another video shoot with Have a pose you want me to demonstrate? Post a comment, and we’ll choose one.

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  • Jack

    Congrats Om Gal – very well deserved recognition. Keep up the great work (play:)

  • jaijee

    May this be the beginning of great things to happen to you and …rock on!!!

  • Anita

    Holler! Congratulations. The universe has spoken. I truly appreciate the soul and effort you put into this little blog. I would love to see Vasisthasana (side plank) and variations. Om Shanti

  • Michelle @ Following Your Joy


    I saw the exciting announcement on – sincere congratulations to you! Many blessings for continued joy and success!

    A fellow blogger. :)

  • Anonymous

    G'OM TIME!

  • Pilates Reformer dvd

    You are awesome! Seriously the inspiration for me to keep moving forward. You make the yoga life style fun and interesting. I'm just now getting into it, but you make it even more fun with you supportive post and words of wisdom! look forward to reading more:)

  • kristen

    Yes!!I voted for you!

  • steve (yoga dvd yogi)

    nice blog, love your energy. you write well. Do you write for a living?


  • Om Gal

    Thank you, everyone! Yes, Steve, I write for a living, among many other pursuits:-) So grateful for each of you!

  • Yoganette West Covina

    Congrats Om Gal! You look just as amazing as your practice! Good luck!



  • Fitness AZ

    Great technique I can tell.. Love the hard work…