Postures of Gratitude

Certain poses evoke certain feelings. Some make us feel powerful, like Warrior II. Others bring us comfort, such as Child’s Pose. Inversions can energize, and hip poses clarify.

So, in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I’m wondering which poses give you an “attitude of gratitude.” My personal favorites for when I need an outward expression of inward thanks?

Parsvottanasana: This forward bend, particularly with hands in anjali mudra (anjali appropriately means “offering”), evokes an image of bowing and offering gratitude to the world (or, at the very least, the person behind you in yoga class).

Fish Pose: More subtle than other backbends, Fish Pose opens the place in our bodies where gratitude resides, our hearts.

Sivasana: Whether you’re grateful for your yoga practice or just the opportunity to rest on the floor afterward, sivasana embodies the essence of yoga, the ability to “still the fluctuations of the mind.” And, who wouldn’t be grateful for that?

Now, your turn. For which poses are you grateful, or which ones help you express gratitude?

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  • penguinasana

    So glad you posted this, as I was just pondering this while planning my yoga class tomorrow with a theme of gratitude. A few others: anjaneyasana, eka pada rajakapotasana (pigeon backbend), interlock warrior, gomukhasana).

    Namaste and Happy Thanksgiving!