Skip the B.S: The Most Efficient Workout You’ll Ever Need

I created this workout a few years ago while in Spain without access to a gym. It’s easy to adapt to any skill level and is one of the single most effective ways to get your heart rate up while toning your entire body. A great playlist makes it even better.

You need a jump rope and may opt for light dumbells (5-10 lbs.), a medicine ball, and/or a swiss ball.

The premise is incredibly simple. Jump rope for one minute (a shorter or longer duration is fine too, depending on your fitness level or how you feel on a given day), followed by a set of your favorite no nonsense exercise. Be sure to choose exercises that target your entire body.

For example, a highly effective sequence might include:

Walking lunges with weights.
Bicep curls.
Tricep dips (you can use a park bench if you’re outside, a weight bench at your gym, or a chair at home).
Set of abs with medicine ball.
Set without medicine ball.
Set with swiss ball.

Repeat the whole circuit.

Bear in mind, this workout is tough. Feel free to scale back a bit by adding in a yoga pose to stretch and catch your breath in between sets. Asanas that fit in well, here, might include navasana, dancer’s pose, eagle, and half pigeon. Don’t idle too long, though, as the power of this sequence is in its pace. Want a yoga pose that really pushes the edge? Kick up into a handstand (against the wall), leading with each leg 10 X. Now, that’s a kick “asana” workout. Enjoy!

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