Throwback Thursday: Tis The Season To Shred

For those of you who missed the athletic folly and emotional assault on my ego that characterized my introduction to the sport of snowboarding last year, here’s the grisly recap (not to worry; it has a happy ending, with my bones managing to stay in tact and all). Perhaps you, too, are gearing up to hit the slopes this season? If so, good luck, and don’t forget to stretch!

I recommend the following yoga poses for skiers and boarders:

Utkatasana: Generates strength in your legs.

Uttanasana: Relieves tight hamstrings and relaxes your back (bend your knees slightly). Snowboarders opt for pada hastasana to give your wrists added protection.

Half-pigeon: Keep hips limber and knees protected. (Fun fact: If you go to the link, the model in the Yoga Journal photo is my former roomie).

Viparita Karani: Removes lactic acid from your legs after a long day on the slopes.

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