With All My Heart: Thank You

Open the heart
and the heart opens you–
salt of the creator
eye of the beholder
stretch your arms overhead
the rainfall of pure clarity
and let it come down.
Surrender to the boundless
earth, sea, and sky
place them like a garland
around the altar of life,
a prayer for peace
at its base,
in its mysteries,
unafraid of sinking.
Open the heart
and the heart opens you.
-Matsyasana/Fish by Leza Lowitz, Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By
Practicing matsyasana/fish, a posture of gratitude, with kids at the Franklin Park Zoo this week and below– to represent proper alignment.  (In the top photo, we’re still in motion).
With all my heart, thank you for another year of support, insight, and readership.  My birthday is tomorrow, and I’d like to celebrate with you.  In the coming days, you’ll receive a sparkly present to play with: a NEW OmGal.com. We’ve outgrown our home, here, on Blogger, so we’ll be changing hosts and improving the user experience.  Stay tuned for the site’s upcoming launch, and, as always, please share your thoughts.
Much love,
Om Gal
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  • Deidre

    Happy birthday Rebecca! Hope you have a great birthday.

  • Marija

    Happy Birthday! I come to your Thursday class at Inner Strenght all the time and it has changed my life. Tomorrow is my bday as well and tonight was the first time that I managed to to the wheel (during my practice at home). Anyway, just wanted to wish you a great bday and thank you for your wonderful classes :)

  • Holly

    Happiest birthday wishes to you! Thank you for posting that poem…the first line of it has been lingering in my head (and heart) since hearing it in savasana on Thursday. Lovely!