Yoga Antidote for “The Mondays”

This restorative meditation and yoga sequence is a helpful antidote for “The Mondays,” the bluesy, blah feeling that can strike at the start of a week. With its focus on warming and opening the heart, it’s great for fending off stress, sadness, and even a lack of sleep. Beginning with padma mudra and a seated meditation, this simple sequence is suitable for any level of yoga student, including beginners. Enjoy!

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  • Anon

    Looks mmellow….

    Felt restored watching.

    See you at your resto party in Dec. Glad all are invited, things are epic that time of year.

    Like idea of mudras in resto, and wonder why more teaches do not inc. them. ? gave it a google and was amazed at how many with different meanings.

    All the best.

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