11.11.11: Don’t Make a Wish!

I love auspicious dates.  I delighted at my prediction that a friend’s son would be born on 10.10.10.  (She did not; baby boy was waaaay overdue).  Earlier this year, I waited to sign an important contract until 7.7.  But, today, the only thing that comes to mind is Drew Bledsoe, who famously wore #11 as the New England Patriots quarterback, before Tom Brady.  I know, I know; this is largely a yoga site.  But something tells me you know Mr. Brady (#12)?

We’re told we should make wishes today, which got me thinking to the last time I made a wish.  It was August 15th.  My birthday.  Don’t feel badly if you missed it; I let this one flutter past without much fanfare.  There were cupcakes, though, and good friends.  Wonderful friends.  People who don’t leave a whole lot left to wish for.  I came up with something though.

Yet, as I groggily rolled over to shut off my inauspicious morning alarm, which sounded like an iPhone barnyard (crickets chirping, dogs barking, ducks quacking!), I thought back to that birthday wish.  Upon closer reflection, it didn’t seem like much of a wish at all.  It was more a state of being, maybe spirit.  I’m too superstitious to reveal it, but I realized I didn’t need an external, cosmic force to provide it, and this prompted the following thought before my feet touched the floor:

It’s 11.11.11.  Don’t make a life wish.  Be one.  

Happy 11.11.11, friends.  May we all be fulfilled wishes for ourselves and each other.

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  • Alli

    I love this!