Yoga Girl Music Video

From the dudes who brought you that catchy Whole Foods rap video, here’s a new diddy called “Yoga Girl,” featuring suggestive lines like “When you chaturanga, do your toes curl?” Overall, I have to give them a nod for creativity, casting, and well-researched yoga lingo.  I’m just glad they didn’t call it: Om Gal.  Phew.  

Thoughts, gals and guys?  Is it entertaining, embarrassing, funny, or offensive?  Start rapping . . .

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  • Former Student


  • Jenny M

    Hahaha, I thought it was hysterical! A little mcsketchy at the end when everyone is breaking the beat down, but overall I laughed out loud. Favorite part: Namaste as “nah, Imma stay.”

  • denise


  • Nicole

    Hilarious! And now I have that song in my head indefinitely…

  • Dr. Marc

    Hahaha…catchy & sketchy!

  • Victoria

    love it! no offense taken whatsoever. my favorite line… “cause i love it when you call me big baba, i wanna explore your bodhisattva”. this will definitely have me smiling all day :)

  • Former Student

    Makes me want to become a rapper!

  • Jess

    Love it!

  • admin


  • Alli

    Soo funny!

  • Andrea Isabelle Lucas

    I expected to be slightly offended, but nah… pretty dang funny!

  • Sylvia Alakusheva

    Slightly embarrassing but entertaining nonetheless :-) . Thank you for sharing Rebecca!

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    Soo funny! Love the NAMASTE tee.

  • Naveen Gote

    I really enjoyed the article and the video is fantastic. It really helps the viewers to know and enjoyYoga