New Video Series: Ask Om Gal

When I started Om Gal as a New Year’s resolution nearly 5 years ago, I had little idea how it would evolve. I knew I wanted to write more often. I thought a blog would be a productive, daily, step toward this goal. I believed there was a void in the information people were getting about modern yoga, and maybe I could help.

People had questions. You had questions, covering a broad range of mind/body topics. Sometimes you wanted to know more about yoga’s practical applications: how to do certain poses and which ones could alleviate back pain, but, more often, you wondered about yoga’s broader applications to life. You sensed and felt and heard from your teachers and Yoga Journal that yoga was about more than poses done on a mat, in a studio, but the majority of what you continued to see was asana, asana, and more asana.

Over the years, I’ve done my best not only to say that yoga is about more than its poses but to mean it and show readers how, in a fun, current, and real way. I often heard the feedback that traditional yoga resources bored people or felt inaccessible, and anyone who’s ever picked up a copy of the Yoga Sutras, read that it recommended yogis practice celibacy (without any interpretation) and promptly placed it back on the shelf thinking: Too late can attest to this.

Together, we created something different, a place where yoga and its modern intersections had dialogue, discussion, and daily relevance, and we’re not the only corner of the Internet to do this.  Many other great sites emerged, too, each with its own voice and expertise.  Some of my favorites include: Yoga Dork, Elephant Journal, Mind Body Green, and The Devil Wears Prana.  Friends of mine and former yoga colleagues even started a contrarian yoga site called Recovering Yogi, for when you’ve hit your limit with all the yoga talk, which happens…

It’s not all rainbows and mala beads.  Nor should it be.  We’re all stewards of modern yoga, and it’s important to pay attention to where we’re going.  Thank you for paying attention and asking questions over the years. Keep ‘em coming!  The video below represents a new addition to Om Gal, a video series in which you supply the questions, and I give my best attempt at fun, current, and real answers. Ask anything you like. Any topic is up for grabs: yoga, spirituality, fitness, running, and much more.

Tell me what you think!

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