Om Gal Gets Acquainted With The Kindle

I like to call this one “Technology is fun!” Remember my snarky colleague who doesn’t like to work out? He’s also a tech buff who let me test-drive his newly minted Amazon Kindle 2.0 digital reader, which arrived yesterday. The verdict? It’s pretty sweet, but I’m a nerd and still prefer real books with pages that I can highlight and in which I can write notes in the margins. However, I do love the usability, not to mention the opportunity to buy the Yoga Sutras at a reduced price with the click of a toggle, if the mood strikes me. Also pictured here, an iPod shuffle and Blackberry Curve. Perceptive, die-hard yogis might recognize the Lululemon manifesto poster in the background; the brand makes the most technically advanced yoga apparel on the market, which begs the question: How have advances in technology enhanced or hindered your yoga practice? Do you adore your sleek apparel options or miss the days of tees and sweats? Do ringing cell phones in class make you cringe? Do you download yoga-related podcastsor use DVD routines at home? Do you have a favorite yoga-inspired blog that rocks your online world? (Ahem).

Perhaps you’re not a yogi but a cyclist with a much lighter bike or a runner who relies on the genius of your Garmin during training.   Better yet, maybe you participate in a relatively new sport altogether, such as snowboarding or motorcross.
If so, tell us how technology has improved or compromised your athletic pursuits.
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  • Chelsea Gwynne

    I’m sorry – sports aside – I just love this photo!