Throwback Thursday

This archived post entitled, “The Benefits of an Economic Crisis (No, Seriously),” originally appeared on December 30 and was later syndicated on and Its content remains relevant, as we all continue to weather the country’s latest financial woes, so I thought I’d re-post it. Also, a reader recently emailed me asking to reference some of it in a speech he’s giving, so maybe that means people are getting their money’s worth from this one. (Wait, my content is free, sh*t . . . nevermind). Good luck to our friend with his speech anyway. Picture the audience in their underwear or whatever!

On a side note, it turns out my reference to the rising price of honey was slightly erroneous; I’m told it’s not strictly the result of a flagging economy (i.e. inflation). Sadly, honeybees are having troubles of their own and could be disappearing due to several environmental factors.

Please feel free to share your own two cents on the topic of the economy (or the honeybee), or maybe just one cent- times are tough, so I’m giving a discount.

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