With All My Heart: Thank You

Open the heart and the heart opens you– salt of the creator eye of the beholder stretch your arms overhead receive the rainfall of pure... (read more)

I Can Do Fancy Yoga Poses; I Have No Problems

Since the age of 16, I have been practicing challenging yoga poses, and my life has been devoid of problems ever since. I have never... (read more)

10 Yoga Tips for Guys

There are Yoga Guys and there are Guys Who Do Yoga.  This post is dedicated to the latter. Yoga Guys know their way around a... (read more)

I Call This One: "Writer’s Block"

... (read more)

Hidden Beach Yoga Benefit

You’re probably aware of yoga’s myriad benefits, including stress reduction, increased flexibility, and improved strength, among others. However, there are many more unexpected, fringe benefits as well, such... (read more)

Yoga at the Great Lawn: The World’s Largest Yoga Class

At 4:45 p.m. on June 22, 2010, Central Park’s Great Lawn is meditating on the evening ahead. Mostly, it’s quiet, even with sound-checks happening onstage... (read more)

Yoga at the Great Lawn: Reggie Watts Welcomes Crowd of 13,000

In my lifetime, I will never be as cool as Seattle based entertainer Reggie Watts. I can only wish to be half as cool as... (read more)

Summer Yoga Events & Escapes

Some people like to laze away the summer months at barbecues and baseball games, while others prefer to run, bike, swim, surf, and soak up... (read more)

Good Day, Sunshine?

This morning I awoke from a quality night’s sleep, shuffled around the house getting my bearings, and settled into 15 minutes of meditation before a... (read more)

Happy Sun[Salutation]day: Sun Salutation A How-To Video

After you finish watching the World Cup and before the Celtics and Lakers tip off, hop off the couch and celebrate Sun-day with a few... (read more)

How to Om at Home: Starting a Home Yoga Practice

Having the ability to practice yoga at home, without the need for a teacher or studio, has many benefits, including convenience, cost-savings, and added creative... (read more)

5 Yoga Poses for Swimsuit Season

Do you remember having a favorite outfit as a kid? A prized article of clothing (perhaps a party dress or Little League jersey) that you... (read more)

A Poor Gal’s Pedicure

If you practice yoga, you spend a fair amount of time looking at your feet. The more often you practice yoga, the more you look... (read more)

OmGal.com = Best Yoga & Fitness Blog (Officially)

It’s official. OmGal.com is the Best Yoga & Fitness Blog, per the 2010 Intent Web Awards and, more importantly, has the most kick-asana, awesome, engaged,... (read more)

3 Yoga Poses to Spark Afternoon Energy (Plus a Caffeine Confession & a Quick Video)

Hi, everyone . . . My name is Rebecca . . . And, I’m an addict. My drug of choice is caffeine, specifically, steaming, piping... (read more)
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