Reader Query: Yoga for Weight Loss After Injury

Hi Rebecca, I got your email through the blog . . . Keep up the good work, girl. I’ve got a question about my health:... (read more)

2010 is 30% Complete . . . Time to Revisit Your Goals

2010 is 30% complete, which means it’s a great time to re-evaluate, recommit, or re-energize your goals. The following Ten Healthy Things To Do in... (read more)

Ab-solutely Psyched It’s Friday?

Strengthen your core with this yoga-inspired abdominal exercise. Having a strong center protects your spine and supports arm balances and other yoga poses . .... (read more)

Hey Marathoners (of Life & Running): This is Your Pose

Today marks the one-week countdown to the 2010 Boston Marathon and the one-year anniversary of the scariest week of my marathon virgin life. I managed... (read more)

Mastering Yoga for Golfers

This week marks the annual opening of the most storied golf tournament in the world, the Masters, with yesterday’s practice round kicking off the high... (read more)

How to Do Side Crow

If you enjoyed yesterday’s video demonstrating how to fly like a crow, you’ll probably enjoy the next incarnation of the pose, which is side crow... (read more)

How to Do Crow Pose

Spring is for the birds– from chipper robins to bold blue jays to sprightly sparrows. Each heralds the arrival of the season of growth in... (read more)

Kicking Asanas & Taking Names: Forward Bends

We like to kick asanas and take names around here, and by that, I mean we like to kick it in our favorite asanas and... (read more)

Fun with a Foam Roller!

Among my favorite yoga and exercise props or pieces of home equipment is the simple foam roller, largely due to its versatility. When rolled along... (read more)

Asanas That Kick A**

I know I shouldn’t play favorites. As a yoga teacher, I should love and appreciate all yoga poses equally, right? Wrong. I can’t help it;... (read more)

One Yoga Hottie Wants Heated Classes to Cool It

Dear Om Gal, I have been practicing yoga for about a year and found your blog around the same time. I really love reading your... (read more)

Friday, I’m in Love: Acro Yoga!

Gather round, friends. I have a confession . . . The truth is: I’m a curmudgeon. Yup, it’s true. For all the bright, bubbly blogging... (read more)

"Hey Baby, Nice Bandhas"

If you’ve been around the yoga block your fair share, you probably have an understanding of bandhas (the physical sensation of “locking” certain areas of... (read more)

10 Healthy Things to Do in 2010

1). New Year; new asana. If you want to broaden your understanding of yoga, try a new style this year. If you’re a dedicated ashtangi,... (read more)

Yoga for Athletes w/ Om Gal & Om Bro

Yoga for Athletes from from Rebecca Pacheco on Vimeo. Yogis often ask me if yoga practice is enough to keep fit, and my answer... (read more)
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