Reader Query: Yoga Poses for Healing

Hi Rebecca, I used to take your classes at Baptiste in Cambridge and Boston about 4 years ago, and I can’t remember how I learned... (read more)

Pose of the Day: Dragonfly

The beauty of yoga is that one practice simultaneously makes us feel grounded, centered, and stable while also providing opportunities for adventure, freedom, and daring,... (read more)

Tradition Tuesday: Why Do We Roll to the Right After Sivasana?

After a yoga practice- regardless of its duration- it’s customary to rest in sivasana or “corpse pose.” This supine posture is paramount to any practice,... (read more)

3 Quick Yoga-Inspired Tips For Shaking A Funk

For many, these are difficult and dim days. Literally speaking, the eastern seaboard has been awash in rain and endlessly grey skies for weeks. The... (read more)

Friday, I’m in Love: Yoga, Yogurt, Apple

My Apple computer and I have a bond that runs deep. We’ve been together for nearly fours years, which makes him a dinosaur in Apple... (read more)

Friday I’m in Love: Viparita Karani

Last Friday, I was feeling a bit amorous, specifically while leafing through the April issue of Men’s Journal featuring my frog-eating, freezing-lake-dipping, campfire-building, charismatic-even-while-wadding-through-bat-sh*t crush,... (read more)

Weekend Events For Yogis, Runners, & Yogis/Runners!

... (read more)

Yoga For Tax Time

Ideally, the practice of yoga serves to connect us to the abundant nature of the universe, with its infinite possibilities held in any given moment.... (read more)

Quote: Henry David Thoreau

One of my fav transcendentalists, Henry David Thoreau, once wrote, “All good things in life are wild and free.” If he were around today, he... (read more)

Different Styles of Yoga Decoded

For the record, Bikram yoga is hot; however, not all hot yoga is Bikram. Tricky, I know. With so many styles of yoga available, it’s... (read more)

Good Yogi, Bad Yogi?

Hey, Rebecca. I’ve been keeping up with the blog, and I think you’re doing a great job. I’m sure you’re not at a loss for... (read more)

Fitness for Seniors

In the waning days of 2008, I appeared on Boston’s Talk Radio Station, WRKO, with host Mariellen Burns to discuss getting healthy in the year... (read more)

A Yoga Demo From Warmer Days

Shot by Reece Pacheco. Edited by John O’Sullivan (thanks, guys!). With a cameo appearance by Remy, our family dog. Featured poses include headstand, king pigeon,... (read more)

Om Gal on Snowshoes This Morning

... (read more)

Throwback Thursday: Slimming Secrets on the Quick

Looking for continued inspiration to maintain a healthful resolution to lose weight? This post from the past (May, 2008) was originally tailored to suit a... (read more)
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