Do People Keep Resolutions? Will You?

Do people keep New Year’s resolutions? No. Do people formulate resolutions for success? No-no-no. Will you keep your resolutions? Hold that thought… Before you join... (read more)

World’s Youngest Yoga Teacher Schools Om Gal

I began practicing yoga at the age of 16, which, by most standards, is young, particularly when you consider that yoga was not widely available... (read more)

How to De-Stress Your December

Tired, angry, anxious, resentful, distracted, withdrawn . . . The adjectives are flowing freely at my December De-Stress Workshop, after I ask the group to... (read more)

‘Tis the Season to Give and Receive: Advice

Each time someone asks me for advice, I feel humbled and happy.  Humbled because someone—a reader, friend, or colleague, perhaps—trusts my opinion enough to seek... (read more)

Scary, Spooky People: Energy Vampires

Vampires are scary.  They’re also en vogue these days, thanks to the whole Twilight/True Blood craze.  I’m not a fan, but I can respect that... (read more)

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Who’s the Hottest, Bendiest, Most Zen Yogi of Them All?

Recently, a yoga student inquired before class why I opt to cover the mirrors in the studio space within a health club in which I... (read more)

We All Want Only One Thing in Life: Happiness

People who inspire me tend to illustrate how similar we all are, rather than how different.  They reveal what is most special inside each one... (read more)

Om Gal’s Take on Eat, Pray, Love: What’s Yours?

Eat.  Pray.  Love . . . Three individually simple and unanimously positive words that, when combined, as in the title of the book by Elizabeth... (read more)

Ask Om Gal: Which Direction Should My Yoga Mat Face?

Hi Darling*: So, I was doing yoga, yesterday, after my run, and was wondering . . . Is there an optimal location/direction that one should... (read more)

Style File: The Non-Workout T-Shirt

Rebecca, You’ve got a great sense of style . . . Where have you been shopping lately?  I’m looking for those really unique (and comfy)... (read more)

The Age of Enlightenment?

I always wanted to be older. It started when I was 4 or 5, living across the street from two kindhearted grandparents, “Meme” and “Pepe,”... (read more)

Reader Query: Incense

Hi, Om Gal! Love the blog . . . Keeps me entertained while I’m at work, painfully waiting for 5:00 to come so I can head to... (read more)

Throwback Thursday

This archived post entitled, “The Benefits of an Economic Crisis (No, Seriously),” originally appeared on December 30 and was later syndicated on and (read more)

Om Gal Gets Acquainted With The Kindle

I like to call this one “Technology is fun!” Remember my snarky colleague who doesn’t like to work out? He’s also a tech buff who... (read more)

So You Wanna Fall in Love?

Lonely, wounded soul with self-esteem issues and a tendency to prematurely jump head first into relationships seeks emotionally unavailable, commitment phobe for mutually disastrous partnership... (read more)
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