Catch Your Zs

Sleep is the body’s way of healing itself. During the holidays, it’s tempting to skip your standard amount of shut-eye in favor of all the... (read more)

Hey Yoga Teacher, Play That Funky Music

When it comes to playing music during yoga classes, students and teachers tend to have a jukebox rotation’s worth of differing opinions, preferences, and advice.... (read more)

New on Om Gal!

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve recently added a new “label” or category to the blog, Rebecca’s Reviews, which serves to provide a trained perspective of... (read more)

Matters of the Heart

Reader Query: You’ve talked in the past about relationships; perhaps I could entice you to explore this vein a bit more at some point. What... (read more)

Om Gal Answers A Reader’s Question About Yoga Tunes

Recently, fielded a question about the music played in yoga studios, and the question went something like this, “Hey, Om Gal, I love the... (read more)

Train Your Brain

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind, and cultivating this skill allows us to live fully in the present moment, which is the only... (read more)

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Lots of people usher in spring by engaging in various chores. Some ferry loads of outdated or poor-fitting clothing to goodwill. Others pamper their vehicles... (read more)
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