Green is the New Black Friday: 5 Day-After Thanksgiving Detox Tips

Green is the New Black Friday: 5 Day-After Thanksgiving Detox Tips

... (read more)
Slimmed Down Side Dish for Thanksgiving

Slimmed Down Side Dish for Thanksgiving

Om Bro & Me, Thanksgiving 2009 Can we be clear about something?  Thanksgiving does not make anyone fat.  It’s one day, and one meal, and... (read more)
How to Avoid Energy Vampires

How to Avoid Energy Vampires

Robert Pattinson as “Edward Cullen” of Twilight.  Vampires are scary.  They’re also en vogue these days, thanks to the whole Twilight/True Blood craze.  I’m not a fan,... (read more)
Recipe: Tofu Pumpkin Pie To Fool Everyone

Recipe: Tofu Pumpkin Pie to Fool Everyone

Ingredients: 1 block tofu 16 ounces pureed pumpkin (canned is OK; sweet potato or squash works, too) 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 2... (read more)
OG Offices in NYC Today; Om Bro on TV

OG Offices in NYC Today; Om Bro on TV

My “office” door upon arrival at the Shelby.TV headquarters.  (Thanks, Reece). Last week, I made it clear that my heart belongs to Boston, despite its... (read more)

Missed the 2011 Yoga Journal Conference? Notes from Keynote Michael Pollan

Let me be candid: My relationship with NYC is a complex one. I love the land of Pinkberry. I loathe the Yankees. My bro and... (read more)

How to be An Elite Boston Marathon Spectator

Ask any runner what makes the Boston Marathon so special, and they will inevitably mention its unmatched crowd support along the course.  There are few... (read more)

The Race is On for Readers

For non-Bostonians, non-marathoners, and people who are generally too sensible to subject themselves to the pain and suffering of 26.2 miles, let me explain the... (read more)

What’s Wrong with the World?

What’s wrong with the world?  How can we fix it? These are not easy questions to answer, but they are precisely the questions that the... (read more)

Yoga Fashion: How to Shop Like an Om Gal

I find myself sounding a little like an idiot when Neiman Marcus stylist, Meredith Keir, asked me about my personal approach to fashion.  In preparation... (read more)

Oh, If I Must, Neiman Marcus!

Fashion Rules! Party Neiman Marcus, Copley, Boston 6:00-9:00 p.m. I was thrilled when Neiman Marcus invited me to create a “dream closet” for its Fashion... (read more)

Garbage, Glamour, and Gratitude

I love when life is poetic, even if poetically shitty. Take this morning, for example: I couldn’t find my keys.  Car keys, house keys, keys to... (read more)

Pity Valentines of the Past & A Homemade Valentine for You!

In my humble opinion, today is a dumb day. Attached. Unattached. I’ve pretty much always felt this way, with the exception of 5th grade. I... (read more)

How Yoga Will Win the Super Bowl

What, you guys don’t play football in the jungle with coconuts? It’s rumored by sources, such as YogaDork, that both Super Bowl team rosters (the... (read more)

PETA’s Veggie Sexy Too Steamy For Super Bowl

If vegetarianism was a sexual orientation, I’d be bisexual. I go both ways.  Some might call my behavior “bi-curious,” which is a fun word to... (read more)
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