Do I Have to Leave?

First, here’s the view from the room in which yogis practiced today at Yoga Rocks the Mountain, held at the Viceroy Snowmass.  After that, what... (read more)

Greetings from "Snowmasana," Colorado!

We’re doing yoga.  We’re in the mountains.  It rocks.  Hence, it’s called: Yoga Rocks the Mountain, a yoga and music festival in Snowmass, Colorado.  I’ve... (read more)

Quote: Writing

They ask me if I were on a desert island and knew nobody would ever see what I wrote, would I go on writing.  ... (read more)

What a Yogi Packs to Rock the Mountain

Packing for a yoga trip takes discretion.  On one hand, you want to feel liberated from worldly possessions and the trappings of your daily routine,... (read more)

Yoga Rocks the Mountain & Interview with Dave Romanelli

You may have noticed I’ve been bouncing around a bit lately, from NYC for the world’s largest yoga class, to Cape Cod, where I demonstrated... (read more)

Yoga at the Great Lawn: The World’s Largest Yoga Class

At 4:45 p.m. on June 22, 2010, Central Park’s Great Lawn is meditating on the evening ahead. Mostly, it’s quiet, even with sound-checks happening onstage... (read more)

Yoga at the Great Lawn: Reggie Watts Welcomes Crowd of 13,000

In my lifetime, I will never be as cool as Seattle based entertainer Reggie Watts. I can only wish to be half as cool as... (read more)

Summer Yoga Events & Escapes

Some people like to laze away the summer months at barbecues and baseball games, while others prefer to run, bike, swim, surf, and soak up... (read more)

Luck of the Irish? Not So Much.

The Celtics weren’t so lucky last night, despite a solid outing against the Lakers (until darn Derek Fisher drained a three with about 5 minutes... (read more)

Free Running, Beers, & Roast Beef

Yesterday, I encouraged you to eat pizza, fried rice, and ice cream (wink, wink). Today, I’m endorsing Free Running, Beers, and Roast Beef, all of... (read more)

Om Shanti to the Mamas!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the om mamas out there. Thank you for reading, sharing, and inspiring.... (read more)

Hanging Out in Lululemon

The Lululemon store in Boston’s Prudential Center recently did some redecorating, revealing posters that feature its latest selection of ambassadors, including yours truly. Here I... (read more)

Thank You Runners, Yogis, & Runners/Yogis!

It was a full house at today’s Yoga for Runners Workshop! Thank you to the fun, spirited, and strong group of athletes and yogis who... (read more)

Yoga for Runners

Experience a fun workshop at a new studio! Runners, yogis, and runner/yogis of all levels are invited to join me for a special, personalized class... (read more)

Will YOU Be My Valentine?

Dear Readers: I love you. There, I said it. You’re loyal, warm, and witty. You listen. You communicate. And, I don’t mean to gush, but... (read more)
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