The Race is On for Readers

For non-Bostonians, non-marathoners, and people who are generally too sensible to subject themselves to the pain and suffering of 26.2 miles, let me explain the... (read more)

Love in the Air: Om Gal Shares Healthy Dates for Spring

Spring is a great time for love. And if not love—crushes, flings, or (at the very least) mutual Facebook stalking. Warmer weather, lighter moods, and... (read more)

Hit People and Drink Beer

Yesterday, I punched someone in the face and drank beer.  Two things I don’t do often.  Scratch that: Ever.  For the record, the punch was... (read more)

Mid-Winter Middle Whittler & Signs of Spring

Here, in Boston, there have been a few inarguable signs of spring this week.  First and foremost, the Red Sox reported to spring training, with–poetically... (read more)

Pour Out Some Juice for Wellness Inspiration Jack Lalanne

Jack Lalanne swimming 3-miles to Alcatraz in handcuffs, while towing a fleet of rowboats.  Not much more to say than: Bad Ass Dude. Before we... (read more)

5 Wellness Tips from Somewhere Tropical

Vacation is great, especially if it involves a sunny beach escape from back-to-back blizzards and an utterly humiliating loss to the New York freaking Jets... (read more)

Don’t Be a Gym Jerk: 11 Health Club Pet Peeves

Recently, I found myself racing around a posh health club—typically a peaceful place for me—annoyed.  Really miffed.  Possibly on the verge of going bat shit... (read more)

Working Out While Traveling for the Holidays

Me: Hi.  Excuse me . . . Sir?  I know this sounds crazy, but is there any way you might take a picture of me... (read more)

Prima Laugha-rina

When I was young, I did ballet, and like many young girls (and some boys), I loved it.  I had high hopes of living in... (read more)

Reader Query: Pre-Workout Breakfast

One reader can’t stomach breakfast before working out. Om Gal loves breakfast! Here are some stomach-soothing, workout-fueling tips. Readers, please add your own! Hi, Love... (read more)

5 Yoga Poses for Swimsuit Season

Do you remember having a favorite outfit as a kid? A prized article of clothing (perhaps a party dress or Little League jersey) that you... (read more)

Yogi Fashion with Erin the Om Gal Intern

Meet Erin, the intern. This week she graduates from college, along with millions of other co-eds across the country taking part in commencement ceremonies... (read more)

Reader Query: Yoga for Weight Loss After Injury

Hi Rebecca, I got your email through the blog . . . Keep up the good work, girl. I’ve got a question about my health:... (read more)

2010 is 30% Complete . . . Time to Revisit Your Goals

2010 is 30% complete, which means it’s a great time to re-evaluate, recommit, or re-energize your goals. The following Ten Healthy Things To Do in... (read more)

Ab-solutely Psyched It’s Friday?

Strengthen your core with this yoga-inspired abdominal exercise. Having a strong center protects your spine and supports arm balances and other yoga poses . .... (read more)
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