Lovable Loser

Recently, an om gal-pal contacted me with a clandestine mission. She revealed that she and her cousins had devised their own version of the Biggest... (read more)

September’s Sweet Indulgences

I love vegetables. I crave them. And, if I experience even brief periods of vegetable deficiency, I high-tail it to the nearest Thai restaurant where... (read more)

Boston Yogis: Mark Your Calendars!

Experience a creative, invigorating, and fun class with me at Inner Strength in Watertown on Thursday night, August 27 at 6:30 p.m. Details here.... (read more)

To Be, Or Not To Be A Yoga Teacher

To be, or not to be a yoga teacher– that is the question. Whether ‘tis a function of uncertain economic times and the highest unemployment... (read more)

Falmouth Road Race Eve

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve run the Falmouth Road Race, my hometown’s crowing jewel of athleticism; however, this is surely the first... (read more)

Putting the Om in Your New Home

Hi Om Gal!My fiancee and I are (potentially) relocating from Washington DC up to Boston, and are in the process of looking at neighborhoods. I’m... (read more)

An Efficient Ab Exercise For Swimsuit Season

“From the cutting room floor,” as they say. . .This simple how-to video was shot earlier this month but recently edited and posted to my... (read more)

Marathon Flashback

There are no hero shots, declares my friend Christina over a Thai food lunch a few weeks after the Boston Marathon. By then, I’m ambling... (read more)

Friday, I’m in Love: A Gym Floozie Exclusive

In the conventional sense of the word, I am not promiscuous; however, my tawdry affairs with multiple health clubs are well documented.  Therefore, when it comes... (read more)

A Sneak Peek at a Fitness Flashback

I just arrived home from a fun photo shoot for ShoestringMag.com, which featured sporty looks inspired by famous fitness icons such as Jane Fonda and... (read more)

Zen and the Art of Swimsuit Season

The prospect of wearing a swimsuit in public can be daunting, though the fluorescent lighting often associated with trying one on in a private fitting... (read more)

Friday I’m in Love: Mom

You know the drill by now. Each Friday, I spotlight something or someone that I love to pieces. On the Friday before Mother’s Day, it... (read more)

Om Gal vs. Heartbreak

While I toil away on a more comprehensive post about spending Saturday in the presence of the Dalai Lama, I thought you might get a... (read more)

A Few Marathon Moments*

Picking up my number at the Boston Marathon Runners Expo.  I felt very elated and excited to be in the company of so many dedicated... (read more)

Om Gal At The Runners Expo

Via Twitter, a new performance apparel line, Zensah, invited me to swing by their booth at this weekend’s Runners Expo. So, I did, where I... (read more)
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