The Stories Our Bodies Tell

My left ankle makes disgusting grinding noises when I roll it in a certain direction. There’s a sizable scar on my right elbow, and another-... (read more)

Time Saving Tip For Your A.M. Exercise Routine

I’m just returning from a morning workout and wanted to share the following time saving tip with a few of my fellow groggy gym and... (read more)

Om Gal Recommends Running Tunes

In reference to a recent post on running, a request was made for some tips on workout tunes- at which point I went “radio silent,”... (read more)

Look, Feel, Do Good

In order of importance, a few activities, products, places, and events that get raves right now . . . Looking Good Chisel’d class at Equinox... (read more)

No Commercial Breaks, Here!

To those of you who tuned in to my guest appearance on the radio yesterday with Mariellen Burns on WRKO- THANK YOU! There was a... (read more)

The Skinny on Getting Swimsuit Ready

Reader Query: Question for your area of expertise: I’m going on a trip in less than 2 weeks where a bathing suit and skimpy clothing... (read more)

10 Tips for First-Timers

Being a beginner at anything can be exhilarating and terrifying, intimidating as well as inspiring. First-time experiences spawn new hobbies, loves, and habits.  They’re also... (read more)

A Running List: 6 Rules of the Road

I’ve never run a marathon- not yet, at least. Still, my love of running stretches across many years and miles and through lots of well-worn... (read more)

Spring, Skin-Baring Stress Solved

Warmer weather signals the necessity to rotate our winter wardrobes and break out the lighter layers. For some, it also brings varying levels of anxiety,... (read more)

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Lots of people usher in spring by engaging in various chores. Some ferry loads of outdated or poor-fitting clothing to goodwill. Others pamper their vehicles... (read more)

This Weekend: Yoga For Runners

A student of mine who competes in marathons at a very high level once said the following, “I find that my yoga helps my running... (read more)

Yoga vs. Pilates: A Lean, Mean Showdown

People often inquire about the difference between yoga and pilates, and implicit in this question is the curiosity over which is better. Until recently, I... (read more)

Weight Loss Starts with Awareness- And a Pen!

I’ve shared this tip with a few people seeking advice on how to get their nutrition back on track this week, so perhaps it will... (read more)

Your Most Valuable Piece of Workout Equipment: A Calendar

When push comes to shove, or punch comes to kick, or upward dog comes to downward dog, the intricate details of your workout matter a... (read more)

Skip the B.S: The Most Efficient Workout You’ll Ever Need

I created this workout a few years ago while in Spain without access to a gym. It’s easy to adapt to any skill level and... (read more)
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