Au Revoir, Om Gal!

Dear Om Pals: I’m venturing to the South of France to teach yoga on a biking trip through Provence for one week led by DuVine... (read more)

Before Om Gal Goes . . .

Before I venture into the mountains of New Hampshire tonight for a 36-hour adventure relay with 11 other gals, I want to express my sincerest... (read more)

Kick It With Eco-Cool Shoes

Let your friends teeter around in sky-high stilettos while you positively prance in eco-chic kicks by Terra Plana. Made from reusable materials such as seatbelts... (read more)

"When are you going to teach again?"

In the two years since I decided that teaching yoga full-time was no longer my ideal career path, former students and colleagues, Om Gal readers,... (read more)

Four Lessons From My Father

My parents were never big on toys. They claim this was an intentional and strategic parenting tactic to cultivate creativity and imagination within me and... (read more)

Go Loco For A Good Cause

What: Boloco Heartbreak Hill Grand Prix, including 5K and 10K running races, followed by pro-am bicycle races of 20-50 miles in distance. Where: Beacon Street,... (read more)

Can We Be Funny?

Saturday Night Live has been making people laugh for decades. Sometimes with slapstick acuity, at other moments with precise political parody, and then, there was... (read more)

Om Gal Addresses Road Rage

Reader Query: Being nice: what a novel idea. I was driving on a little country road (okay maybe not a little country, but a lot... (read more)

Look, Feel, Do Good

In order of importance, a few activities, products, places, and events that get raves right now . . . Looking Good Chisel’d class at Equinox... (read more)

The Yoga of Being Nice

Turns out, the featured yoga pose today, isn’t actually an asana at all. It’s a good deed. Many yogis in America (an estimated 15 million)... (read more)

A Treat For Your Feet

You may recall that I recently bought a pair of TOMS shoes (not the ones at left, though, those are Tiny TOMS- insanely cute, right?),... (read more)

Give New Kicks To Kids In Need

Buying shoes incites euphoria in lots of women. Whether clogs, Crocs, or Jimmy Choos, gals the world over acquire a hop in their step and... (read more)
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