Sweets of the Holiday Season

Ah, the sweets of the season! Just now, Om Mama reviewed the assortment of desserts and pies on hand for our Thanksgiving dinner, and we,... (read more)

Lovable Loser

Recently, an om gal-pal contacted me with a clandestine mission. She revealed that she and her cousins had devised their own version of the Biggest... (read more)

September’s Sweet Indulgences

I love vegetables. I crave them. And, if I experience even brief periods of vegetable deficiency, I high-tail it to the nearest Thai restaurant where... (read more)

Looking Like A Keen Little Quinoa Cutie

“Any good recipes off the top of your head for a summer treat in the Hamptons?” came an inquiry from my om gal-pal, Kristen, this... (read more)

Healthy Summer Salad

From the famed Moosewood cookbook, this vegetarian recipe is incredibly easy and healthful. While I adhered to the recipe pretty closely, I think tossing in... (read more)

Reader Query: Alcohol

Dear Om Gal:Hopefully the subject of this question doesn’t lead you to believe I should be in AA. On the contrary, I’m super active (yoga/running/outdoors),... (read more)

Om Gals Gone Wild

It’s possible that you won’t think this video is funny, but there’s a chance you might. So, here’s a goofy tidbit featuring yours truly along... (read more)

Zen and the Art of Swimsuit Season

The prospect of wearing a swimsuit in public can be daunting, though the fluorescent lighting often associated with trying one on in a private fitting... (read more)

Friday, I’m in Love: Making Love in the Kitchen

You can bet with a blog title like Making Love in the Kitchen, Meghan Telpner’s approach to healthy cooking contains heaps more fun than your... (read more)

Friday I’m in Love: Mom

You know the drill by now. Each Friday, I spotlight something or someone that I love to pieces. On the Friday before Mother’s Day, it... (read more)

Sign of the Apocalypse: Om Gal Bids Jeter Good Luck on Red Sox Opening Day

... (read more)

Spring Into Shape

Happy spring, om guys and gals!  Tis the season of possibility and promise (and baseball!). Flowers bloom; the days are longer and brighter; winter hats... (read more)

My Marathon Cookies

Training for a marathon can be grueling, but occasionally it’s also delicious. Turns out, things like carbs, salt, and sugar are not just permissible, they... (read more)

Good Yogi, Bad Yogi?

Hey, Rebecca. I’ve been keeping up with the blog, and I think you’re doing a great job. I’m sure you’re not at a loss for... (read more)

For the Record: Om Gal Will Not Give Up Sugar This Year

It seems it’s that time of year again; today is Ash Wednesday . . . Perhaps you recall last year’s harrowing tale of my dependency... (read more)
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