The I-Don’t-Like-To-Workout Workout

While challenging yoga sequences, lengthy nature hikes, bustling health clubs, and long (loooong) runs down stretches of empty asphalt represent places of pure Zen for... (read more)

Throwback Thursday: Slimming Secrets on the Quick

Looking for continued inspiration to maintain a healthful resolution to lose weight? This post from the past (May, 2008) was originally tailored to suit a... (read more)

A Closer Look at Your Resolutions

From the time I could link a few sentences together to form my first stories in elementary school to the all-nighters I pulled as a... (read more)

Santa’s Cookies Get The Slimdown

You need to leave Santa the requisite cookies; however, you don’t need to bore the guy with ho hum Chips Ahoy. Instead, try baking your... (read more)

Elf of Health: Live Better, Stress Less

Saturday, Tip 20: Need someone to keep a watchful eye on your nutrition choices but can’t pony up for a professional? Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong organization... (read more)

2 Tips To Keep Om Pals Feeling Fine This Holiday Season Weekend

Today’s Elf of Health tip is a two-for, mostly because this little elf was a oui bit busy and neglected to post one yesterday. My... (read more)

Elves Dig Green

Today’s Elf of Health tip is simple: eat your vegetables! Many people over-complicate their nutrition plans by villifying certain foods, stocking up on others, and... (read more)

Catch Your Zs

Sleep is the body’s way of healing itself. During the holidays, it’s tempting to skip your standard amount of shut-eye in favor of all the... (read more)

Happiness Starts with an H(2O)!

This week: Be sure to stay hydrated. The act of drinking plenty of H2O has profoundly positive effects on one’s health and mood. Being well... (read more)

Holiday Recipe Hit: Tofu Pumpkin Pie

Today, the “Elf of Health” is giving up the goods in the kitchen. I made the following recipe for tofu pumpkin pie last night (just... (read more)

Smart Noshing at Holiday Functions

Countless health publications and experts continually underscore the importance of not arriving at a holiday fete famished, as a way to curb overeating. Instead, we’re... (read more)

Pumpkin Soup From My Pals

Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate the kookiest holiday on Earth than with an earthy, healthful recipe for pumpkin soup? For this, I’m deferring... (read more)

You Should Eat What I Eat: A Myth Perpetuated By Some Yoga Teachers

At nine years old, I announced I would be a vegetarian. My parents responded first with amusement, then concern, and finally protest. After a brief... (read more)

Friend Friday: O.G.’s BFF Shares a Recipe for Families

Hey OG, I wanted to pass along a wonderful recipe that I found during my adventures as a new mom (with a very big baby).... (read more)

Retraction: I Screwed Up My Transcendentalists

For those of you who are even dorkier than me (and I mean that as a sincere compliment since I dig dorks), I erroneously attributed... (read more)
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