What’s on the Menu, [BB]Cutie?

Tis the season for outdoor barbecues. Many will involve sizzling grills, chilled cocktails, and desserts with Cool-Whip, and most of these same gatherings will feature... (read more)

Desserts That Won’t Derail Your Diet

I tend to steer clear of the word “diet.” For many, it calls forth experiences of deprivation, intimidation, boredom, and pining for dessert- and, as... (read more)

No Commercial Breaks, Here!

To those of you who tuned in to my guest appearance on the radio yesterday with Mariellen Burns on WRKO- THANK YOU! There was a... (read more)

A Foodie, A Yogi, and A Foodie/Yogi Go to Dinner . . .

Upon hearing that a new restaurant was opening in Boston’s North End, I barely batted an eyelash. As home to some of the best eateries... (read more)

Coming Soon . . .

A foodie, a yogi, and a foodie/yogi go to dinner at new raw food restaurant Grezzo, in Boston’s North End. You’ll get the dish, here... (read more)

Upgrade Your Oatmeal

New seasons are exciting because they usher in welcome changes to our usual routines. We wear new clothes, watch different sports, and eat seasonal menu... (read more)

The Skinny on Getting Swimsuit Ready

Reader Query: Question for your area of expertise: I’m going on a trip in less than 2 weeks where a bathing suit and skimpy clothing... (read more)

Entertaining Om-Style

O.G.’s B.F.F. recently had her first baby (my god-son) and celebrated her first birthday as a new mom. Given the happy chaos that comes with... (read more)

Weight Loss Starts with Awareness- And a Pen!

I’ve shared this tip with a few people seeking advice on how to get their nutrition back on track this week, so perhaps it will... (read more)
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