Happy Mother’s Day!

The following is a letter that I wrote to my six-month old godson, in preparation for his baptism, yesterday. To all mothers, the world over,... (read more)

This I am Today

This seemed a fitting quotation at the start of a new week . . . “Up to a point, man’s life is shaped by environment,... (read more)

Greatest Hits

I’ve learned a lot about you recently. You, being the reader. I’ve learned that you find a few yoga poses totally loathsome and certain books... (read more)

How Does Your Garden Grow?

“Every single one of us at birth is given an emotional acre all our own. You get one, your awful Uncle Phil gets one, I... (read more)

Do You Walk the Walk?

“All know the way; few actually walk it.” -Bodhidharma... (read more)

Quote of the Day: Happiness

“Happiness is an inside job.” -William Arthur Ward... (read more)

What Should I Do With My Life?*

“I sometimes meet people who say, I’m going to be this and I’m going to be that. You feel kind of bad for them because... (read more)

The Supreme Prayer of My Heart…

The supreme prayer of my heart . . . is not to be rich, famous, powerful, or too good, but to be radiant. I desire... (read more)

Sometimes . . .

“You take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.” Faith in ourselves and the people we love is what keeps us afloat... (read more)

When TV Isn’t Mind-Numbing

“I am but ashes and dust.” “For me, the universe was created.” I pulled this pair of quotations (author unknown) from the Iconoclasts program on... (read more)
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