Reader Query: Incense

Hi, Om Gal! Love the blog . . . Keeps me entertained while I’m at work, painfully waiting for 5:00 to come so I can head to... (read more)

Sign of the Apocalypse: Om Gal Bids Jeter Good Luck on Red Sox Opening Day

... (read more)

Remember NYC Gal?

Perhaps some of you recall NYC Gal, the yin to my yang, the Beirut beer game to my root vegetable receipe? This is the type... (read more)

Fitness for Seniors

In the waning days of 2008, I appeared on Boston’s Talk Radio Station, WRKO, with host Mariellen Burns to discuss getting healthy in the year... (read more)

How Do You Stay Warm?

The arrival of winter ushers in certain seasonal preparations for all of us. We scurry into closets, trunks, and storage units to reveal nearly forgotten... (read more)

Om Gal on Your Side This Holiday Season

On one hand, the holidays are a magical time of year filled with the company of those we love, a spirit of generosity, and an... (read more)

Enlighten Up!

Watch what happens when Boston filmmaker (and former yoga teacher at the same studio as yours truly) Kate Churchill chooses a subject, introduces him to... (read more)

"When are you going to teach again?"

In the two years since I decided that teaching yoga full-time was no longer my ideal career path, former students and colleagues, Om Gal readers,... (read more)

Watch This Now: Nike "Courage"

Nike “Courage” clip, previewed in conjunction with the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.... (read more)

Props to My Om People!

Thank you so much to the cadre of insightful commenters who posted their thoughts this week. Your honesty, levity, and- you bet- snarkiness are both... (read more)

Review: Budokon

My experience with martial arts is limited, consisting of a year’s worth of karate lessons when I was five years-old, wherein, during sparring exercises, the... (read more)

Skipping Town Om Style

You know that reoccurring nightmare where you find yourself half naked amidst a sea of strangers? Or, the one where you’re actually at sea, in... (read more)

What I Learned From Stevie Nicks

It’s not every day we get to see a living legend in action, someone who’s mastered his/her craft and left an indelible and original mark... (read more)

I Heart Yoga!

Review: Anusara Yoga, Julia Novina at Equinox in Back Bay (Boston, MA) What it is: According to its founder, John Friend, via his website, anusara... (read more)

Quieting a Chaotic Mind

Recently, I received the following pointed inquiry from a pal: I need some advice on how to relax a mind that over-thinks. Hmmm. Have you... (read more)
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