"Sometimes" You Find a Great Poem for Spring

“Sometimes” Sometimes things don’t go, after all, from bad to worse. Some years, muscadel faces down frost; green thrives; the crops don’t fail. Sometimes a... (read more)

Reasons Not To Do Yoga

If I didn’t do yoga, I would have a lot more closet space. This realization came to me over the weekend, as I migrated my... (read more)

Is There Such A Thing As Bad Yoga?

For the most part, yoga is like pizza (or, perhaps more accurately for this particular Thai cuisine obsessed gal, Tom Yum soup) . . .... (read more)

It’s Monday: You Could Use A Mudra!

Plenty of experiences make us feel off-balance and ungrounded, as if the rug is pulled out from under us or we’re on a nonstop treadmill... (read more)

A Mudra for Your Monday

Meditation is hard. If you meditate regularly, you can attest to this fact. If you don’t, you’re probably even more aware of how challenging it... (read more)

10 Healthy Things to Do in 2010

1). New Year; new asana. If you want to broaden your understanding of yoga, try a new style this year. If you’re a dedicated ashtangi,... (read more)

2009: Year in Review

A few of the year’s highlights in this little yogified corner of the blogosphere . . . It started with a radio appearance at the... (read more)

Saptah Chanting Ceremony at Kripalu

Despite insecurities surrounding my wretched singing voice, I participated in last night’s Saptah chanting ceremony here at Kripalu. The long-standing tradition is the yoga and... (read more)

What Do Yoga & Fast Food Have in Common?

To date, I’ve never eaten at Taco Bell. The first time I tasted a famed Wendy’s Frosty, I was a freshman in college. As a... (read more)

Friday, I’m in Love: Big Yogi Birthdays

As you know, Friday is the day of the week on OmGal.com when I share people, places, products, or pieces of yoga-related information that are... (read more)

Reader Query: Recommended Translation of the Yoga Sutras

Hey Rebecca! So you’re always talking about The Yoga Sutras, and it made me realize that I am long overdue in reading it. I searched... (read more)

Quote: Letting Go

“But what is letting go? I think we don’t understand it at all. We’ve got this idea of something trapped that we’ve got to set... (read more)

Ya Wanna Talk Yamas & Niyamas?

Yoga is a spiritual practice. True, it’s also a great workout, reliable means of stress relief, magical mood lifter, and trendy topic of conversation among... (read more)

Quote: Mary Oliver

Wild Geese You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert,... (read more)

Quote: Happiness

“And now I have to confess the unpardonable and the scandalous. I am a happy man. And I am going to tell you the secret... (read more)
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