Hey, Baby, What’s Your Mantra?

A mantra is a thought or intention expressed as a sound. These sounds include syllables, words, or phrases, which may or may not have their... (read more)

Yoga Rocks the Mountain & Interview with Dave Romanelli

You may have noticed I’ve been bouncing around a bit lately, from NYC for the world’s largest yoga class, to Cape Cod, where I demonstrated... (read more)

Luck of the Irish? Not So Much.

The Celtics weren’t so lucky last night, despite a solid outing against the Lakers (until darn Derek Fisher drained a three with about 5 minutes... (read more)

Good Day, Sunshine?

This morning I awoke from a quality night’s sleep, shuffled around the house getting my bearings, and settled into 15 minutes of meditation before a... (read more)

Things That Are Green

For today’s semi-regular installment of Friday, I’m in Love, I thought I’d give big ups to things that are green, such as: Basil: Tis the... (read more)

Mastering Yoga for Golfers

This week marks the annual opening of the most storied golf tournament in the world, the Masters, with yesterday’s practice round kicking off the high... (read more)

Fun with a Foam Roller!

Among my favorite yoga and exercise props or pieces of home equipment is the simple foam roller, largely due to its versatility. When rolled along... (read more)

Yoga for Runners

Experience a fun workshop at a new studio! Runners, yogis, and runner/yogis of all levels are invited to join me for a special, personalized class... (read more)

Reader Query: Starting a Running Program

Dear Om Gal: I recently (as in 2 minutes ago) allowed myself to be coaxed into doing a triathlon relay. It is in memory of... (read more)

2009: Year in Review

A few of the year’s highlights in this little yogified corner of the blogosphere . . . It started with a radio appearance at the... (read more)

Playing with the Boys

When I was 5, my parents signed me up for karate (OK, my Dad signed me up for karate). I liked it. I thought the... (read more)

Yoga for Athletes w/ Om Gal & Om Bro

Yoga for Athletes from OmGal.com from Rebecca Pacheco on Vimeo. Yogis often ask me if yoga practice is enough to keep fit, and my answer... (read more)

Quote: Fear

I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to... (read more)

What Do Yoga & Fast Food Have in Common?

To date, I’ve never eaten at Taco Bell. The first time I tasted a famed Wendy’s Frosty, I was a freshman in college. As a... (read more)

Throwback Thursday: The One Time I Showed the Yankees Any Love

As a Red Sox fan, to the core, my ire for the Yankees is well documented, if not here on OmGal.com, then in countless text... (read more)
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