Weekend Events For Yogis, Runners, & Yogis/Runners!

... (read more)

Wanna Party?

What: Fit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Party  To benefit Fit Girls, the organization for which I am running the Boston Marathon along with my pal... (read more)

Fiscally Friendly Fitness

One thing has become abundantly clear to all of us of late: Our country is in the midst of a devastating recession. Psychologically speaking, this... (read more)

Things That Send My Heart Aflutter

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’ve been reflecting on what sends my heart aflutter. Surely, there are the obvious choices: yoga, books, chocolate, my godchildren. But,... (read more)

Throwback Thursday: Slimming Secrets on the Quick

Looking for continued inspiration to maintain a healthful resolution to lose weight? This post from the past (May, 2008) was originally tailored to suit a... (read more)

Elf of Health: Live Better, Stress Less

Saturday, Tip 20: Need someone to keep a watchful eye on your nutrition choices but can’t pony up for a professional? Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong organization... (read more)

Om Gals Go High Fashion

A photo of me and om pals Alisa Neely (style “scout” extraordinaire) and Robin Hauck (editor of Misstropolis.com) at the Bombay-inspired Sam Mendoza fashion show... (read more)

Kick It With Eco-Cool Shoes

Let your friends teeter around in sky-high stilettos while you positively prance in eco-chic kicks by Terra Plana. Made from reusable materials such as seatbelts... (read more)

Om Gal Writes a Letter to Summer

Dear Summer: I understand that you’ll be going away soon, and I thought I might persuade you to stay a while longer. Perhaps another trip to... (read more)

Review Your View of Beauty

Chances are you scrutinize your looks, to some degree, on a daily basis. These routine critiques of our bellies and bald spots, thigh dimples and... (read more)

Look, Feel, Do Good

In order of importance, a few activities, products, places, and events that get raves right now . . . Looking Good Chisel’d class at Equinox... (read more)

A Foodie, A Yogi, and A Foodie/Yogi Go to Dinner . . .

Upon hearing that a new restaurant was opening in Boston’s North End, I barely batted an eyelash. As home to some of the best eateries... (read more)

Coming Soon . . .

A foodie, a yogi, and a foodie/yogi go to dinner at new raw food restaurant Grezzo, in Boston’s North End. You’ll get the dish, here... (read more)

A Treat For Your Feet

You may recall that I recently bought a pair of TOMS shoes (not the ones at left, though, those are Tiny TOMS- insanely cute, right?),... (read more)

Spring, Skin-Baring Stress Solved

Warmer weather signals the necessity to rotate our winter wardrobes and break out the lighter layers. For some, it also brings varying levels of anxiety,... (read more)
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