At long last, it’s here.  Happy Publication Day, everyone! I’ll keep this quick because, well, I have to.  The first day of publication of your... (read more)
How can we find quiet and stillness in our lives if even yoga class is noisy?

Dear Yoga Teacher, Please Shut Up!

Recently, I received the following email from a student and friend who shall remain anonymous, about a teacher who shall remain anonymous (I don’t even... (read more)

Back to School, Yogis!

My pal and marathon training partner Cara (right) and I love to read.  Here we are with some of our favorite books.  Post your most... (read more)

Om Gal Seeks New Intern

It’s September 1st, which means my sweet city of Boston has been invaded by U-Hauls and SUVs brimming with futons and mini fridges.  New and... (read more)

A Peek Inside Om Gal’s Head[quarters]

Blogs, by nature, run the risk of being self-indulgent and insipid. Each time I sit down to write, this reality chirps at me relentlessly. It... (read more)

O.G. Readers Rock the Vote!

Perhaps you’ve heard the word on the street that OmGal.com is up for Best Yoga & Fitness Blog in this year’s Intent Web Awards. A... (read more)

I Will Tell My Children . . .

Recently, an om gal-pal of mine passed along this creative piece of inspiration. I thought you might enjoy it too. Namaste.... (read more)

Om Gal Returns to the Blogosphere

Despite my best efforts at logging onto the Internet from a Third World country, I quickly discovered that prolific posting on OmGal.com was not in... (read more)

Happy Inauguration Day!

... (read more)

This Is Not A Video

You’re smart people. It would be tough for me to dupe you. If I didn’t know you so well, I might attempt to coax you... (read more)

Raffle Winners at Today’s Workshop

Winner 1: 2031055 Winner 2: 2031080 Winner 3: 2031014 Winner 4: 2031085 Email me @ askomgal@gmail.com... (read more)

Jason Varitek Wants You To Go To My Workshop on Saturday

OK, so that headline is hugely misleading. In fact, it’s an outright lie- at least, to my knowledge. (But, you never know; Tek might be... (read more)

Marky Mark, Make Us Laugh!

Within the canon of sacred yogic texts, this SNL sketch has no relevance. It won’t usher you to the doorstep of enlightenment or improve your... (read more)

It’s a Beautiful Day to Blog!

I thought you might enjoy this snapshot of blogging in action. It was taken in France last week, just prior to our final yoga class... (read more)

Veggie Daydreams & Transatlantic Sweet Potato Soup

Upon returning home from France yesterday, my cupboards were bare, but my legs were craving a jog, having been confined to an airplane seat all... (read more)
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