5 Ways for Jet-Setters To Become Zen-Getters

Perhaps you’re fixing to skip town for the long weekend. If so, here are some travel tips to ensure that you touch down at your... (read more)

Cupid Under A Time Crunch?

The mere thought of red roses and chocolates might send your heart aflutter this week, or make you wince at the contrived “Hallmark holiday” that... (read more)

When The Yoga Teacher Is Wrong

To most Americans, the concept and practice of yoga is new; therefore, students are predisposed to believing that what a yoga teacher says is the... (read more)

Om Gal Ventures North

I’m a big fan of Uggs and hot cocoa, but that’s about as far as my affinity for the winter months goes. I don’t ski,... (read more)

Speaking of Taking Action . . .

You may or may not know that the word “karma,” which is so commonly used in the lexicon of pop culture lingo, translates to mean... (read more)

Zen Master Tim Gunn: Make it Work!

Ideally, your yoga practice and, by extension, your life is a means of discovering, revealing, and honoring your truth, known in sanskrit as “satya.” So,... (read more)

Vegan Muffins for the Mainstream

These muffins are easy, healthy, and completely delicious. They happen to be vegan but certainly won’t tip anyone off on taste alone. Give them a... (read more)

WholesOMe Honey Wheat Soda Bread

If you must be cooped up inside during the cold winter months, you might as well embrace the whole, cozy, homebody routine and start baking.... (read more)

Om Gal is a Bit of a Goof . . .

OK, truthfully? A big goof. However, for the most part, I will spare you my G-rated jokes and all too available puns. Nevertheless, today, I... (read more)

Feeling Toxic?

Three easy antidotes to try today: 1.) Practice the Buddhist principle of “right speech.” In modern terms- stop talking trash. Don’t gossip. Don’t speak disparagingly... (read more)

Cold Outside? A Meditation to Warm Your Heart.

Burrr! You may or may not be from blustery Boston like me, where people are freezing their asanas off today, but you can still benefit... (read more)

"A Side of Zen With Your Meal?"

The city of Boston is abuzz with raves for the new uber-hip restaurant Meyers + Chang, and I’ll leave the food reviews to people with... (read more)

A Dessert You’ll Want to Eat for Breakfast- And You Can!

This dessert is so healthy that it can also be served for breakfast. The only alteration might be the side with which you pair it.... (read more)

Om Sweet Home Yoga Practice

For anyone interested in recreating the intensity of a heated yoga class in their own home or striking the balance needed to fit yoga into... (read more)

An AB-solutely Kickass Exercise

I adapted this abdominal exercise from one that I learned in a great group fitness class at Equinox. You need to be seated on a... (read more)
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