How To Do Tripod Headstand

Today marks yoga pioneer B.K.S. Iyengar’s 92nd birthday, so it seems fitting that I should stand on my head in homage.  In his lifetime and... (read more)

Om Gal’s Gut-Busting Thanksgiving Bird

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share a different kind of bird, to slim rather than stuff you.  Eagle pose (garudasana) is typically a... (read more)

Yoga Antidote for “The Mondays”

This restorative meditation and yoga sequence is a helpful antidote for “The Mondays,” the bluesy, blah feeling that can strike at the start of a... (read more)

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Who’s the Hottest, Bendiest, Most Zen Yogi of Them All?

Recently, a yoga student inquired before class why I opt to cover the mirrors in the studio space within a health club in which I... (read more)

Om Gal’s Take on Eat, Pray, Love: What’s Yours?

Eat.  Pray.  Love . . . Three individually simple and unanimously positive words that, when combined, as in the title of the book by Elizabeth... (read more)

I Call This One: "Writer’s Block"

... (read more) = Best Yoga & Fitness Blog (Officially)

It’s official. is the Best Yoga & Fitness Blog, per the 2010 Intent Web Awards and, more importantly, has the most kick-asana, awesome, engaged,... (read more)

The Age of Enlightenment?

I always wanted to be older. It started when I was 4 or 5, living across the street from two kindhearted grandparents, “Meme” and “Pepe,”... (read more)

Reader Query: Incense

Hi, Om Gal! Love the blog . . . Keeps me entertained while I’m at work, painfully waiting for 5:00 to come so I can head to... (read more)

Shopping For A Yoga Teacher?

Recently, a thoughtful reader inquired about what an appropriate gift might be for a student to give a yoga teacher for the holidays, so I... (read more)

Hey Yoga Teacher, Play That Funky Music

When it comes to playing music during yoga classes, students and teachers tend to have a jukebox rotation’s worth of differing opinions, preferences, and advice.... (read more)

Thank You, Yogis!

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to the yogis who supported Roxbury Prep yesterday! After the workshop, I requested that yogis send along their thoughts on... (read more)

It Takes A Village!

Thank you in advance to the people and organizations that helped orchestrate and support tomorrow’s workshop (and talked me down from the ledge when I... (read more)

Om Gal Answers A Reader’s Question About Yoga Tunes

Recently, fielded a question about the music played in yoga studios, and the question went something like this, “Hey, Om Gal, I love the... (read more)

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Lots of people usher in spring by engaging in various chores. Some ferry loads of outdated or poor-fitting clothing to goodwill. Others pamper their vehicles... (read more)
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