Book Tour Fun in Photos

I don’t know where to begin.  How about here: THANK YOU!!!!!  To each of you who has bought the book so far, gifted it to friends, come to book tour events in March; given glowing reviews on Amazon, yoga teachers who’ve told their students, studios that bought copies for their boutiques, and more: I am insanely, beyond adequate words, grateful.  You’ve tweeted, you’ve instagrammed, you’ve Facebooked, you’ve taken Do Your Om Thing to sandy beaches, placed it alongside steaming cups of tea, and, best of all, let your kids drool on it.

I’m bowled over in every way.  Here’s some of the first month’s fun in photos, mostly the book tour, but also a baby thrown in. Because, truly, who among us can resist drooling, book-eating, babies?


“This book is delicious. You should get one.” -Peter, age 5 months


My first signing, the day after publication. I know you’re going to ask: the pineapple. It’s a nod to my grandmother (to whom the book is dedicated). She came from a family that owned pineapple farms in the Azores, and it was her favorite fruit. My mom brought it so that Vavo would “be there.”


When I was broke-as-a-joke and living in Allston as a 20-something recent grad, I’d walk down Harvard Ave. from my apartment (definitely in a state of disrepair, it was, plus we were robbed once) to the Brookline Booksmith and its nicer, neighborly, surroundings. My one indulgence (more than shoes or makeup or food that was not instant miso soup) was the Sale Table there. This bookstore won me over on contact. I was a newly minted adult, in a smart little indie bookstore, and my desire to write a book was well established in my heart but very rarely spoken. Now, having a book on its shelves, is pretty surreal. As a lovely courtesy, the Booksmith offers its visiting authors one book. “It doesn’t have to be from the Sale Table either,” offered Zoey, the kindly events coordinator, above. As luck would have it, the book I wanted (Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) was on the Sale Table anyway. This seemed fitting.

With Joyce and Yelena, two of my many beloved students who came. Some dating as far back as my first classes in Boston in 2001.

Me and Hilary.

Me and Hilary. I died.


Reading aloud to a standing room crowd at Trident Booksellers and Cafe on Newbury Street, coincidentally where some of the book was written, over many cups of tea and Tibetan momos.


I love this: a room full of Northeastern University students and faculty. Their questions were incredible, and I shared that writing a book was very much a dream in my heart when I was sitting where they were.


My meditation bells come to all my signings.


Next stops: Digitas (private event, day), 4/7,

The University Club (private event, evening) 4/7, 

Books on the Square in Providence, RI, 7 PM on 4/17. See you there!

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