Days to Go: Book Release & Tour Events

Holy moly, life is moving at warp speed right now.  The book comes out in a few days (Tuesday!), and I’m doing my best to soak up every bit of the excitement and generally trying to hold off on spooking myself about what comes next.  Will people like it?  Will I honestly be able to pull off everything I have scheduled for the next few months?  Oh crap, I need to plan a wedding!  To help with this potential anxiety, I’m getting a little more sleep than usual, upping my meds (translation: meditation), steering clear of wine (even a glass or two can make me a oui bit melodramatic the next day), and spending time with friends.  I let Ballerina Katie Boren convince me to take a Fly Barre class, which resulted in now understanding that she is not my friend.  She is the devil.  I was sore for days from freaking two-pound dumbbells.

Do not be fooled by the loveliness. Devil, I tell you!

Do not be fooled by the loveliness. Devil, I tell you!

Speak of the devil (literally), did you hear about the Catholic priest who says that doing yoga can lead to Satan?  That’s not a lead in to a joke… that happened.  So Yoga Journal asked me to respond.  Which I was pumped about, especially since the yoga book I just wrote is dedicated in loving memory to my devoutly Catholic grandmother.  I took a diplomatic tack in my response, but I also managed good-natured zing.  Here’s what I said.

Earlier in the week, before she was the ballerina devil, Katie and I went to a signing for Nigel Barker’s new swanky coffee table book called Models of Influence at the Brookline Booksmith.  Coincidentally, Nigel and I have friends in common (Katie being one), the same publisher, and same publicist at said publisher.  So, when our other friend, Olympic swimmer Matt Targett (he made an appearance at rooftop yoga at the Colonnade Hotel this summer, you may recall), said I should go, I got my overscheduled act together, threw on a jumpsuit, four jackets, 2 scarves, an Elmer Fudd hat, and got myself to one of the best bookstores on the planet.  Nigel’s book is, in a word: gorgeous. And his talk was fantastic– super smart, witty, and candid.  Many of you commented on my related social media posts that he was foxy.  Yes, you said foxy.


We swapped books and had a sign off, which is a lot like a walk-off but more cutthroat.



He honestly heckled me, and while I had a near-miss with misspelling his wife’s name, I think I might have pulled off the win.

All this is to say that it was a great week, and I’ll be back at the Brookline Booksmith on Wednesday night to sign my book for YOU!  No Nigel…  Just me…  I apologize in advance.  I’ll speak in foxy British accent to make up for it.

With love,


bikini booksmith

Book Tour Dates:

March 4, Brookline Booksmith (Brookline), 7 PM

March 9, Trident Booksellers (Boston), 7 PM

March 18, Northeastern University

March 24, Bryant University

March 25, Odyssey Books (South Hadley, MA)

April 11, Lil Omm Yoga Studio (Washington, DC)

April 17, Books on the Square (Providence, RI)


Stay tuned for more, including the Cape & Islands, NH, NYC, and more.

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  • lemead

    HOORAY!! I loved your book and can’t wait for it to arrive in the world. xox