Free Running, Beers, & Roast Beef

Yesterday, I encouraged you to eat pizza, fried rice, and ice cream (wink, wink). Today, I’m endorsing Free Running, Beers, and Roast Beef, all of which have little to do with yoga, our prevailing theme on

So, what gives?
A few things, actually. But, first, I should confess my disdain for all three. Yes, even running, a former love of mine. We’re on the outs these days. I think we might be headed for a break-up. No, really. I’ve had it. Today, I traversed the entire Boston metro area in search of magical running shoes to rekindle my old running mojo and failed (no one carries a size “ski”), which brings me to my earlier point: Me + Running = So Over. I mean it this time . . .
Beers have never much been my thing. I’ll drink one on a couple occasions: 100 degrees at Fenway Park (the beer must be chillingly cold) and a sunny beach in Mexico (lime, please!). I’m not trying to be a party pooper. I’ve tried to like beer. It didn’t work out. We’ve both moved on. Everyone is better for it.
Beef and I have been estranged since I was 9. No loss, there.
However, I am a BIG fan of road races to benefit good causes, and I am also a fan of Dads. Perhaps you are too? If so (and you’re in the vicinity of my hometown of Boston), you should run or walk the Father’s Day 10K this Sunday along Revere Beach Boulevard (accessible via the T). All proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Revere Little League.
**Special perk: Post a comment with why you love to run (or walk), and Race Menu, the event organizer, will waive one lucky reader’s registration fee. That’s right: free running, plus free (optional) beers and roast beef sandwiches after the race. Not to mention all that deliciously good karma on Dad’s Day.
Not able to make it to the starting line? Post a comment about why you love to run anyway. Please, I need all the inspiration I can get.
**One winner will be selected at random by noon on Thursday, June 17.
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  • MJ

    Don't give up on shoes yet! As a larger-footed female (thanks Dad…though at least I'm tall), I can tell you that I went through 15-20 potential shoes the last time I had to change shoes (due to a redesign of my beloved Hurricanes which made the D width not a D width) and found that many mfrs are cutting their shoes too narrow. I also have constraints that I have very low arches, overpronate, and continue to fight posterior tibial tendinitis (5+ years since original injury) and associated knee/foot/hip issues, and I wear orthotics. I finally wound up in the Brooks Ariel 10E (or maybe it's EE). It's a motion control shoe instead of the lighter weight stability of Hurricane, but it does at least accommodate my foot. Brooks and New Balance (though I was disappointed with them in this last round) seem to be making an effort on the size/width front. Also, I went through an online store where I could return the shoes once I tried them on – expensive for me, but the local stores didn't carry the variety size/width ranges I needed to try. Good luck, and keep looking!

  • Anonymous

    I'm not much of a runner. I rather think of myself as a funner (I run for fun). Last year, I saw my BFF run Boston. She had 2.5 miles left, was so dizzy with fatigue that she didn't even look over at me while she was praying for the finish line to come faster. That day, I found inspiration in her. I often think about her when I run. I imagine that she's chasing me with a sharp object and telling me that there's a shoe sale at the end. Now that is what I call my triple threat!

  • Chris

    Sometimes it's not about the gear that gets you back into running… for me it's often the company! Mix it up, find a running group, find a new running partner.. something to keep it fresh. If you're looking for a group on Saturdays, I found a 'meet up' that runs along the Charles – i think they run midweek as well.

    I always find myself going back to the same shoe – addidas supernovas. I'll venture out and try new ones, but my feet usually scream after a long run and remind me to get 'back to my roots'. All my marathons were in the supernovas, I won't change now!

    I was planning on running on Sunday anyways, a free signup is even better!

  • michelle

    as a fellow yogi, and non-meat eater, i do have to say that i love my running. after many years of discovering my bliss, my transformation started with the runner's high & for me, it just keeps getting better. i started doing distances a few years ago & am on my way to run my first marathon. this sunday's father's day run is so inspirational on many levels. i plan on doing it with my dad, a 75 year old walker! what a nice present for him if i can get one of us a free registration!!

  • Nicole

    usually run solo – well, scratch that. Usually, I'm running with my boxer, which is most of the times great to have next to me but sometimes a pain when she wants to sniff every tree in the Common and chase all the squirrels and ducks along the Esplanade. However, like Chris, I find that when I run with someone, it totally changes my game. I've been a runner for 17 years, a yogini for 11, and a non-beef eater for 19. I've had ups and downs in both my running and yoga practice, and I'm plagued with back issues that are too exhausting to talk about. We all have lulls, but you've come so far! While a little breakup is ok, I hope you are reunited soon. Days like today in Boston are absolute heaven for strapping on some running shoes (no matter what kind).

  • Tara

    Due to an old injury that hasn't fully healed yet, I haven't run in over a year :-( But let me tell you why I love and miss it. I love running because it let's me simultaneously connect to myself AND the outside world. Feeling the air and sun on my face…the sounds of the city and nature combining with the sound of my breathing, heartbeat and footsteps to make for a pretty awesome "soundtrack" (there have only been one or two occasions when I actually ran with headphones). And letting my legs really get to stretch and be used…picture how happy a horse looks when it spontaneously breaks out into a run with their giant strides ;-) And then there's that fantastic feeling of having completed however long the run was. No matter how "slow" you ran or how bad it "felt," always be amazed at how far you run…that's a huge accomplishment in itself. Happy running :-)

  • Tara

    Oh, and I agree with a different user (from Facebook): the Newtons are AMAZING. Definitely invest in a pair :-)

  • Natasha

    If you can't find shoes you could consider trying the barefoot running thing. I've been debating about doing that after I read "Born to Run". That book alone should help you get inspired! I'm not a very good runner, but I try my best. I just completed a half marathon up in Chicago this past weekend. There were a few barefoot runners at the marathon. I without the shoes you run more carefully so you actually reduce your chances of injury. It also can strengthen your feet so much that some people have decreased in their shoe size!!