Good News

What a big, bold day it was.

The last time the news moved me to tears it was for all the wrong reasons.  That was April 15th, the day of the Boston Marathon bombing.  The next morning was worse.  I woke up, sobbed over my breakfast, and then wrote what I could muster, here.

Today was an entirely different story.  I didn’t breakfast sob, but I wept a little.  I was moved by Wendy Davis, a fierce and focused woman in pink sneakers, standing up for women’s rights.  I misted over as the stream of joy flooded my social media feeds when DOMA was ruled unconstitutional.

Photo credit: AP/ Eric Gay

Photo credit: AP/ Eric Gay

“BOO-YA, AMERICA.  YA DONE GOOD, KIDS,” OG intern alum Giuliana Hazelwood all-capped, all excited. Mallika Chopra delighted in finally being able to tell her two daughters, who were ring bearers in their aunts’ wedding years ago in California, that the two women are legally married, again… still.  Gay friends felt like they’d scored a second Pride Day.  (The photo below was a tribute to pride from Dan Fitzgerald and I this year).  Straight friends were equally jubilant, with some witty ones assuring opponents to the decision that the fall of DOMA and Prop 8 had yet to harm their own marriages.  Phew, what a relief!  Good one, Portland Power Yoga homie Chang Terhune.

Love is love, people wrote.  Too many times to count.

This big, bold day seemed to say: whatever it is, stand for what you believe like Wendy Davis and love whomever you choose.  It isn’t a fancy arm balance, but it is the compassionate path of yoga, by way of politics.  It isn’t running, but it absolutely improves our health as a nation.  It isn’t a meal, but it will nourish the future of our families and communities.  Anything that connects people to their truest, deepest nature, which is– at its core– always love, will do that.  It is a reminder to be present.  Today, we’re part of history.  And we’re part of the news, when it’s heartbreaking as it was months ago in Boston and too often around the world, and when it’s joyous.

Enjoy the joy, friends.  Love is love.  I couldn’t have said it better.

Good news: “Good bye, DOMA!”

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  • lemead

    Amen. Indeed. xox