Happy Birthday Om Bro!

Occasionally, my “baby” brother contributes to our humble little blog by lending his production support to my videos, dropping some serious (albeit slightly intoxicated) twenty-something wisdom, and bullying me into doing things like try surfing for the first time, in the freezing rain, so that I can write about the experience afterwards. As the founder of a company that provides athletes and coaches with the scouting resources and game tape footage that they need to succeed, he’s also inclined to provide O.G. readers with the best peak performance advice available, such as the following message scrawled on our chalkboard at home, prior to the Falmouth Road Race. It reads: “Drink water. Eat bananas. Run like antelope. No beer or cheese.” He doesn’t even charge for this astute coaching advice!

For all his insight, support, and the entertaining time he gave our cat a bath in toilet (in his defense, he was 3), he deserves our warm birthday wishes. Happy birthday, Reece!

That’s him drooling on himself (above). Still cute though, right? Yours truly is rocking the pink watermelon swimsuit. In all likelihood, it was February (ahem, in Massachusetts), but I lived to wear that thing; it was my favorite article of clothing. I’m sure my parents tried to impress upon me that it was a utilitarian garment reserved for the beach . . . Whatever.
This is a more recent photo of the two of us (thankfully no drooling this time). When I turned 21, Reece fancied himself an opportunistic teenager by telling people we were twins. It actually worked a few times and scored him entry into a couple Cape Cod bars. Now that he’s 26, I’m thinking I kind of like this whole twins concept . . . The picture here was taken at dinner by NYC Gal (my college pal). When my meal arrived with its head still attached (an imposing fish that gave me the death stare), I shrieked, became terrified, and handed my plate off to my little bro, who bravely accepted his fate as protector of his big sissy of a sister. Thanks Reece. I owe you.

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