Happy New Year & 4th Birthday, OmGal.com!

I feel badly for New Year’s resolutions. They mean well, and they bound into our lives with such enthusiasm! Then, somewhere between now and March (give or take?), we turn our back on them. Maybe you’ve already turned your back. Resolutions are silly, you say. Nobody keeps them. Who flipping cares?

You can say that. That is absolutely fine, especially if you believe it.

But, if you don’t . . . If there’s an inkling inside you that says, “This will be the year I learn/create/finish/run/climb/write/quit/lose/start something,” then do not, for one bleary-eyed, torn-stocking, tiara-wearing, second listen to the naysayers.  Perhaps this is a good opportunity for me to share some of the most “yogic” advice I ever got.  It didn’t come from a yogi. Instead, it game from my students at Dorchester High School several years ago when I worked for a nonprofit program, there, geared toward at-risk youth. I taught English Literature. I helped fill out college applications. I made moody, maddening, frustrating, funny, savvy, smart, and lovable teens do their homework. I let them write rap music as an assignment and read ESPN magazine in my office for hours. I endured eye rolls when we read poetry, until they occasionally realized they liked it. I was the willing butt of their jokes. They called me “Ms.”  I call them some of the greatest gifts of my life. I’ll take their wisdom to my grave, especially this piece of advice: Don’t be a hater.

Make a resolution or don’t, but don’t hate on those who want to lose 5 lbs. or quit smoking or learn to speak Spanish. Because if tackled earnestly, resolutions DO work. This site, which began as a fledging blog as a resolution in 2008, is proof of that, and I am grateful to every single person who helped make it stick.

I started a blog, mostly for me, for New Year’s, and it became a place mostly for you, whenever you need a little lift or laugh, wellness information or inspiration.  I thank you and can’t wait to share 2012 with you.

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  • http://www.yogag33k.com Yoga G33k

    Happy 2012 and happy 4th birthday! I’m so glad I found your blog this year. Namaste

  • http://www.healthandwellnesswarrior.com Sylvia Alakusheva

    Happy New Year Rebecca! You and OmGal have been a great inspiration to me this past year. Wishing you much love, health and success in 2012!

  • http://www.yogainmyschool.com Donna Freeman

    I agree – we all can approach the New Year by embracing possibilities, looking back, looking forward. Here is my New Year’s wish that encourages being and sharing your best with yourself, your loved ones, your community, the world.

    Congrats on turning 4! Happy 2012.

  • http://www.yogainmyschool.com Donna Freeman
  • http://www.yesheyoga.com wendy cook

    happy new year and happy birthday omgal. you’re the best. wishing you and all beings many blessings. xo