Meditation Tips, Mantras, & Nerve-racking Moments

I’ve had some nerve-racking moments lately (perhaps I am supposed to say “character-building?”), so I thought I’d share my experiences.  Here are the recent highlights….  

  • An emergency root canal the day before departing for my yoga retreat in Mexico last month.  My dentist would like you to know that this was not actually that bad.  Historically, root canals were much worse, and when people impart a root canal reference as a way to convey the misery of something–ugh, I’d rather get a root canal than take a yoga class with Rebecca Pacheco–they are being dramatic.  Root canals are not that bad….But, I didn’t know that going in.  I was terrified.  In hindsight, they’re not that much fun either.
  • Giving a seminar to Boston Marathon runners the evening before the race about anything other than how the forecast for 90-degree temperatures is a hoax. Conveying this happy news would have been a great relief for all, but it would have been untrue.  Staring into a room of terrified people staring back at you is a little unnerving.  I’m not sure if it’s better or worse when one person falls asleep.  Because that happened.  Those who managed to stay awake seemed to enjoy the meditation, visualization, and yoga tips I shared and looked less anxious by the time they left.  It’s possible they were just excited to carbo-load over plates of ziti in the North End at that point.
  • Opening the Boston Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers Event with a short speech and meditation. Picture me teetering nervously at a podium, at 8:30 in the morning, in uncomfortable high heels (they are the devil; I tell you!), while trying to talk about yoga and meditation without sounding like a yoga flake to a few hundred executives who probably don’t want to listen to much before coffee.  Actually, you don’t need to picture it.  There’s a short video of some of the speech below.  I didn’t bomb, so that’s nice.  There are some helpful tips for meditation you might enjoy, and I’ve edited out the part where I trip in my heels and fall off the stage….Just kidding.  If I fell, I wouldn’t be dumb enough to cut that part out.  That’s online traffic gold, people.
Of each scenario, I can tell you this: I meditated.  Because it always helps.  It never hurts.  It costs nothing, and it improves everything.  In your next nerve-racking moment, don’t forget to give it a try.

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  • Robert Piper

    Great quote about meditation, “It never hurts, its always helps, its costs nothing, and it improves everything!”