What a Yogi Packs to Rock the Mountain

Packing for a yoga trip takes discretion.  On one hand, you want to feel liberated from worldly possessions and the trappings of your daily routine, such as work clothes, makeup, and constrictive footwear.  On the other hand, you need to pack for optimal peace and happiness.  Let’s face it; being exposed to the elements, insects, or funky yoga B.O., for example, can hinder your meditating mojo.

Here are the items that top my packing list as I prepare for my next yoga adventure, the Yoga Rocks the Mountain festival in Snowmass, CO.
Active Wear & Gear:

  • Apparel for asana
  • Apparel & footwear for non-asana activities & chilling out
  • Yoga mat


Healthy Essentials:

  • Vitamins/medication (I pack arnica for sore muscles)
  • Tea (I’m a confessed addict, remember?)
  • All natural snacks for airports & road trips (such as Lara Bars and YogaEarth nutrition products*)

Little Luxuries:

  • Eye mask and/or ear plugs
  • Dr. Bonners soap (it’s all natural, multi-purpose and can be used as body/face wash, shampoo, and laundry detergent if you need to hand wash clothes on the road)
  • Essential oil (I bought geranium while teaching in France last year, and it is luscious!  Lavender is calming; peppermint stimulating)
  • Travel beeswax candle
Blissful Baubles:
  • Mala beads (wrapped around left wrist, below)
  • Y’arf (Don’t know what this is?  Ask David Romanelli)
Yoga Rocks the Mountain* kicks off on Friday, July 16, featuring topnotch teachers such as David Romanelli, fellow Baptiste alum Lisa Black, Dharma Mittra protege Mike Matsumura . . . ., and R.R. Shakti, among others.  Musical performances, too, will draw flying yogis like me, arriving by air, and driving yogis from nearby cities and states via road trip.  Accommodations range from local campgrounds to the swish Viceroy Snowmass, which means yogi attire at the festival will surely run the gamut from Bear Grylls-in-the-outback to hippie haute couture.  Anything goes, yogis!  Start packing and get your asana to Snowmass!
Safe travels & light luggage,
Om Gal

*Disclosure: Rebecca is on the advisory board of YogaEarth and a partner of the Yoga Rocks the Mountain festival.

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  • Nicole

    Love this post!

  • Natasha

    I'm very excited that you mentioned that book by Judith Lasater. I decided to purchase that book to help inspire me as well. I'm just beginning to discover yoga as a lifestyle and I'm very excited to have discovered this author. She like me is also a physical therapist and I'm very excited to see what she has done with her practice. Thank you so much for continuing to motivate and inspire me!! Keep up the good work!!