Can You Pray Your Way to Strong Abs?

I’m a big believer in the power of prayer. Speaking of which, I highly recommend the latest OG Book Club selection on the topic: Anne Lamott’s Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. It is heartfelt, accessible, and honest, and you will love it. Also on the topic of prayer, my best friend is fond of saying, “I’m giving it up to God” (and of pointing out when my wardrobe resembles that of Pocahontas and Mary Kate Olson on a yoga retreat). Lastly, my Vavo (grandmother), a cornerstone of my spiritual life, would often remind us, “God don’t sleep,” in the best Portuguese-English accent on Earth.

And for all the various interpretations of what God is, I think she’s right. God doesn’t sleep. He/she doesn’t take a day off or sit this one out. Whether you believe him to be a bearded white man, elephant-headed Hindu deity, or the higher power sensed when walking in nature by transcendentalists like Thoreau and Emerson, God is all-in, all the time.

However, God has better things to do than hand-deliver you a flat stomach without any effort. In fact, there are many things God doesn’t easily shell out without your hard work, and just to bring things full circle, it was Emerson who said, “The reward for a thing well done is to have done it.” I’m with both of them on this one.

So, pray for peace, for your friend who’s heartbroken or just broke or both, an easy resolution to a family rift, the light to turn green, the interview to go well, whatever…. But, to have a fit physical body, including an absurdly strong core, you gotta do the work. Start with these prayer abs with a twist, 10 slow repetitions. They’ll chisel your muscles and make your arm balances and inversions much easier… God willing.

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