Look, Feel, Do Good

In order of importance, a few activities, products, places, and events that get raves right now . . .

Looking Good

Chisel’d class at Equinox Fitness: It’s fun, effective, and challenging. Think varsity try-outs in high school, provided your sport was more basketball than badminton.

Neutrogena shows you how it’s done with a microsite that features makeup tips from a pro for any occasion. Not overly commercial, totally useful. Check it out.

Cozy, yoga-inspired clothes, often made of eco-friendly fabrics, such as bamboo, OMALA’s apparel looks and feels fab. Plus, the customer service is super. (Tip: sizes run a bit big).

Feeling Good

Go raw in the North End. Healthy, indulgent, and exquisitely in season, the new raw food restaurant, Grezzo, achieves the lofty feat of serving decadent cuisine with no chance of derailing your diet- unless you order multiple brownie sundaes, which is tempting.

The Mark Morris Dance Group is in town. See a performance. Feel moved.

Doing Good

Boston’s Run to Remember, May 24-25

MSPCA Spirit of Kindness Auction & Dinner, June 26

School’s almost out for the summer; however, it’s never too late to get involved with a stellar institution in your area. One of my favorites, City on a Hill.

Feel free to add your own raves or promote your own worthy causes.

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  • Anonymous

    Grezzo is ridiculously good no matter what type of eater you are, and the brownie sundae is to die for. I brought along my hardcore meat eating and potato friend and she loved it too!
    Also, heard you on the radio on Saturday and I am happy to have found your blog!

  • deep roots

    If you want to stretch your horizons and increase your karma quotient here’s one of my favorite concepts :


    This is a powerful way you can make a profound difference in someone’s life – not a charity but an opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    Nice tips. Love the blog. It’s the doughnut to my morning coffee: pefectly sweet with none of the fat. So maybe it’s really the millet to my tofu.

    Here my personal cause: Viet Hope. It’s dedicated to Vietnam’s
    socioeconomic development by supporting the education of poor Vietnamese children. http://www.viethope.org.

    Keep shining!