Reader Query: Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

I always love the recipes that you post. Just wondering what some of your favorite snacks would be for someone trying to lose some weight! Thanks!


As a serial snacker (and sometimes, a snacker of cereal), I always keep a stash of healthy treats up my sleeve (or in my gym bag, desk drawer, suitcase, etc.). Here are a few of my favorites, divided by the type of fix you seek:

-Quinoa (cooked) with a splash of vanilla rice milk, drizzled with honey.
-Ginger snaps (the all-natural kind!).
-Plain, non-fat (or low fat) Greek yogurt with wheat germ, flax seed powder, 1 dried fig (sliced), and agave syrup.

-Popcorn (be sure to choose the air popped kind with just a touch of sea salt and olive oil; Whole Foods sells one that I loooove).
-Miso soup (The Mishima brand makes a great, all natural version that comes in portable envelopes; simply add boiling water and stir).
-Edamame (boil, drain, and sprinkle with sea salt).

-Spicy V-8 (the 5.5 oz. cans land in my grocery cart each week).
-Whole grain pita chips with salsa.
-Wasabi flavored rice crackers.

-Goji berries (Confession? I’m slightly obsessed with this sweet, Himalayan candy from the gods).
-Ginger People candies (just a couple does the trick).
-Lara Bars (perfect for stowing in your gym bag, glove compartment, handbag, etc.).

-No Pudge Brownies (There’s even a recipe on the box for a single-serving).
-Chocolate flavored soy milk.
-Chocolate Underground flavored Stonyfield Organic Yogurt

-Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.
-Organic So Delicious Dairy Free dessert in Chocolate Velvet.

-Homemade Popsicles (use 100% juice and freeze in molds available at any kitchen supply store).

-Carrots, celery, cucumbers, and hummus.
-Apple with almond butter.

Sometimes the body confuses thirst with hunger, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. For more filling beverages that pack serious nutritional benefits, try these:
-Kombucha (This fruity, tangy, fizzy tea beverage is an acquired taste, but once you get over the somewhat off-putting smell and live, floating cultures, you’ll be hooked. No, really, I swear).
-Coconut water (Billed as nature’s sports beverage, you’ll find yourself asking Gatorade-who?).
-YogaEarth yogi-built nutritional supplements (For a free one-week supply of this miracle elixir, which helps the body prepare and recover from yoga practice, click here).

Enjoy, and thank you for writing!
-Om Gal

Readers, please share your own favorite, healthy snacks by posting a comment.

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  • Ame

    Wow Rebecca you pretty much covered what I had in mind with the exception of one thing- the dried carrot chips at Whole Foods. They would go under the salty/crunchy catergory, and they are delish! A smidge expensive ($6 for one round box) but totally worth it : )

  • Dish This!

    Love how you broke these down into categories! I like cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes (or any other raw veggies) :)

  • Yogi Barrett

    Big fan of leaving Primal Strips in my car – vegan seitan "jerky" that is full of protein for just 100 calories. Definitely does the trick when I'm between classes!

  • Nicole Chow –

    Hi Rebecca,
    Love your blog! You're funny, adorable, inspirational, knowledgeable and interesting – all at the same time! I need to have class with you soon; it's been too long.

    Do you know if YogiEarth is still offering a free one-week supply of their 'miracle elixir'? I would lurrrveee to try it and perhaps review it on my blog. Thanks! Hope to see you soon.

  • Daniel

    Hello Nicole –

    This is Dan Cook, founder of YogaEarth. The only deal we have @ is a buy 1/get 1 on monthly kits ($1/serving) but I am happy to send you some free samples to try out! If you'd like please send me an email at my personal account and we can coordinate –

    Also happy to field any questions re YE!

    Cheers, and thanks so much for the interest – Dan

  • Anonymous
  • Sravanthi Reddy

    Thank you for the healthy snack list. I was also looking for a list like this. Also for those who want to lose weight here are few yoga asanas